About the City and the Surrounding Areas of Pico Rivera

Pico Rivera is a lovely city that is conveniently located in southeastern Los Angeles County, in the state of California, in the United States of America.  The city is situated just approximately 11 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, on the eastern edge of the Los Angeles basin, and on the southern edge of the area known as the San Gabriel Valley.  This makes the city a perfect bedroom community and supporting town of the greater LA area too.

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, as well as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), are in close proximity to the city too, making it even more desirable for those who would like to live there.  The 2010 census as computed by the United States Census Bureau reported that the city had a population of 62,942 all in all.  Facilitated by annexations, it has grown to approximately 9 square miles too.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Making a Strong Appearance in Pico Rivera

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction has really begun to make a big impact on the city of Pico Rivera.  This city was a place that was very rarely affected by drug and alcohol addiction, but now it is being impacted in a very big way and in many different sectors and areas.  IF something is not done soon then t is feared that the issue will only get much, much, much, worse.

Facts and Statistics: What’s Really Happening with Addiction in the City of Pico Rivera

To better understand the addiction crisis as it is truly affected the city and general areas of Pico Rivera, some facts and statistics have been included below that shed light on just how serious of an issue that this really is for those who are addicted:

•    One of the most financially beneficial and money making developments of modern medicine has been that of psychiatric drugs.  Drug companies, pharmacists, medical doctors, psychologists, psycho-therapists, and psychiatrists have profited immensely and greatly from prescribing psychiatric drugs.  This has come at a high price however.  Psychiatric drugs, particularly benzodiazepines, are highly addictive and dangerous for those who take them.  For example, from the year 2001 to the year 2013 there was an increase of a staggering four times as many deaths from benzodiazepine overdoses.  These were deaths caused by drugs as commonplace as: clonazepam (Klonopin), lorazepam (Ativan), diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax).

•    Crystal meth production in the United States is bringing child slavery back to the United States with a cruel passion.  For example, in the year 2004, upward of 3,000 children from the ages of six to fourteen were thankfully and graciously recovered from meth labs throughout the United States, but it was estimated that this was just a small percentage of the overall number of children who are forced to work in dangerous meth lab conditions all across the nation.

Rehabilitation: What is Really Happening with Addiction in Pico Rivera

It goes without saying now that Pico Rivera is going through what may be the worst addiction crisis it has ever seen before. For Pico Rivera, drug and alcohol addiction has always been something that has been present in the area, but it hasn’t been something that has ever been as bad or as damaging for not only the addicts but also for the residents there as it is now. Unfortunately, this issue has gone above and beyond anything that is considered normal for addiction in Pico Rivera and is now approaching the level of a full-scale crisis and epidemic.

This issue has left many of the residents of Pico Rivera wondering and grasping for answers to a problem that seems all encompassing. The issue has had a particularly devastating strain on the young adult population of the area. For them, it is far worse than it is for any other demographic. This is particularly disturbing for the youth of the area because addiction in general tends to affect young adults far, far worse than it does older adults. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that a solution be put into effect immediately.

This is where inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, and recovery organizations come into play. With the help of such programs, quite literally anyone who is addicted in Pico Rivera can find true help from an inpatient rehab program. Inpatient rehabs are so very effective for those addicted in Pico Rivera simply because inpatient rehabs have the best of the best of services to offer and are quite literally in the top of the list when it comes to curing and banishing addiction from literally anyone.

With the help of the detoxification services to address chemical dependence and with the help of the rehabilitative counseling to address mental addiction, inpatient rehab have all of the tools necessary to properly get rid of addiction. In Pico Rivera, this is exactly what is needed to address the problem effectively. This route to addressing addiction is in fact so successful that it is now being recommended for everyone who is addicted in Pico Rivera to seek out inpatient rehabilitation as soon as is possible.

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