About the City of Perris, California

Perris is a lovely, small city in Riverside County, in the state of California, in the United States, located just seventeen miles south of Riverside, California.  At the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city’s overall population was 68,386, up from 36,189 at the 2000 census.  The city has boomed with its population almost doubling in just ten years.

As for its history, the Perris Valley was actively settled in the 1880s, a boom period for Southern California at that time too.  Prior to 1880, the land was used for pastures. The coming of the California Southern Railroad led to the founding of the city around the new depot which attracted many new residents. The California Southern was built through the future town site in 1882 to open a rail connection between the present day cities of Barstow and San Diego.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse on the Rise in Perris, California and the Surrounding Areas

Sadly, drug addiction and substance abuse has taken a strong toll on many of the residents of the city of Perris and the surrounding areas.  This is a location in California that until recently, never really had any major drug addiction or substance abuse issues of any kind.  The sad truth now though is that the issue has grown to a point where the entire city is on a full alert on the drug abuse and addiction crisis and all that that type of crisis entails.  Sadly, the issue has affected the young adults of the city are the ones that have been affected the most, and this has made the future of the city and the surrounding areas look pretty grim unless something is done soon to address and eradicate it.

Facts and Statistics: Real Information on a Crisis in California and All Across the Nation

To give the reader some context as to just how serious the drug addiction crisis is in Perris and the surrounding areas and just how serious it is in other areas too, some facts and statistics have been included below, reordered here so as to provide the reader with context as to just how serious of an issue this really is:

•    Sadly, one in four teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, and a full ninety percent of addictions start in the teen years.

•    In truth, teen drug abuse is a whole lot more common now than it was even just a decade ago, and the truth of the matter has been shown in the fact that more and more teens are dying from drug and alcohol abuse, and more and more teens are getting into legal trouble for substance abuse too.

Rehabilitation: How Perris Addicts are Beating Addiction

As was pointed out above, drug and alcohol addiction has made a significant impact upon the lives of many of the residents of Perris. This is an area that, prior to the 21st century, didn’t really struggle with drug and alcohol addiction any more so than any other average American urban area. Now however, that has all changed. With a significant increase in the trafficking of illegal narcotics into the city and the surrounding areas plus extensive and rampant alcohol abuse, coupled with a very steep increase in the use and abuse of supposedly safe and harmless prescription drugs by the local residents, all has inevitably added up to a very large increase in substance abuse in the city and the surrounding areas in general.

This has come across as a very concerning issue for the residents of the city, though it has only gained public attention relatively recently. The demographic that has unfortunately been affected the most in Perris has been the young adult population of the area. The youth of this area has been exposed not only to much more of a heavy intensive influx of illegal drugs but they have also been exposed to prescription drug abuse like never before.  Prescription drugs are the most commonly used and abused dangerous drugs by youths everywhere, and the situation couldn’t be any more factual in Perris. It is feared that, if something is not done soon to rectify the situation, then Perris and the surrounding areas will truly face an all-out drug and alcohol addiction and abuse epidemic and crisis.

This situation is of course only exacerbated by the fact that it is the future of this area that is being affected the most being that is the young adults of the areas that have it the worst. Thankfully, there does exist one sure way to win the battle against substance abuse once you identify the signs of addiction; this method may yet be the salvation from substance abuse that Perris has been looking for all these years.

This is of course referencing the method to beating addiction by utilizing the help, support, treatments, and therapies of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, and recovery organization. These are the types of programs that can do the most good for those addicted in Perris. These programs and only these programs really offer extensive enough of therapies and treatments that one really needs to get to the bottom of addiction once and for all.

Addiction is a very complicated and very complex illness. It transcends just the physical aspect of the chemical dependence to drugs and alcohol and goes up into a mental aspect and a spiritual and personal problem as well. Truly, when one is addicted to drugs and alcohol, one is actually addicted on multiple levels and in many different ways that all require attention when trying to get off of the addiction. This is where inpatient rehabilitation comes into play for those addicted in Perris. Inpatient rehabilitation centers work to address every aspect of addiction.

With inpatient rehabilitation, this is actually a potentially doable thing. With rehabilitation, one can address all of the physical aspects of addiction through chemical, medical, and holistic detoxification. Also in rehabilitation, one can address and handle all of the mental aspects of addiction through counseling, group therapy, electives, cognitive behavioral therapy, moral recognition therapy, coping strategies, and relapse prevention. Truly, when it comes to the addiction crisis in Perris, it is inpatient rehabilitation that will ultimately save the day for all of those addicted. If the whole community gets behind this then it is possible that the addiction crisis will become a thing of the past there.

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