Paso Robles, (sometimes referred to by its full name of El Paso de Robles ‘The Pass of the Oaks’ by the locals), is a city in San Luis Obispo County, in the state of California, in the United States of America.  Located on the Salinas River north of San Luis Obispo, California, the city is known for its hot springs, its abundance of wineries, production of olive oil, almond orchards, and for playing host to the California Mid-State Fair and other seasonal and annual events.

For as far back as the year of 1795, Paso Robles has been spoken of and written about as “California’s oldest watering place”, and has been known as the place to go for springs and mud baths.  In the year of 1864, a correspondent to the San Francisco Bulletin wrote that there was every prospect of the Paso Robles hot springs becoming the watering place of the state, possibly even of the West Coast.  By 1868 people were coming from as far away as Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and even Alabama.  Besides the well-known mud baths that draw interest from all over, there were the Iron Spring and the Sand Spring, which bubbles through the sand and was said to produce delightful sensations in all who partook in them.

The baths are just one exquisite factor to Paso Robles.  The City also is known for its fine shops, many parks, beautiful country roads, exquisite restaurants and hotels, and for its many activities.  All in all, this place is not only a great place to live but it is also a great place to visit, and many do just that.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction ion the Rise in and Around Paso Robles

Sadly, substance abuse has become a pretty serious and severe aspect to life and general livingness in and around Paso Robles.  This is a city that never really had any drug problems prior to the turn of the century but they most definitely have them now and they’ve had them for a while now too.

Paso Robles really sees a lot of trouble when it comes to youth substance abuse, young adult addiction issues, and drug-related accidents and injuries.  This is sometimes considered a party town as a result of all of the things that there are to do there, and that fact has really stood out in the minds of the locals and the visitors.

Substance abuse really hit hard here in Paso Robles when it became apparent that the middle class was now being sold drugs and alcohol on a level the likes of which had never been seen or experienced before.  This has been a problem to say the least and it probably will continue to be so for a while now unless major action is taken to prevent it or to at least slow it down in some way or another.

Addiction is a tricky beast to say the least.  Prior to the turn of the century it was very rare that middle class and upper class Americans were ever sold drugs or became addicted to drugs.  Following the economic crisis of 2008 though, many drug dealers and criminals all across the nation suddenly had no lower class Americans who could afford to buy drugs for them.  The effect was that these criminals instead began to target Americans who had more money, i.e. the middle class and the upper class.  Needless to say, this created big problems and it will continue to create big problems as the years go by unless something is done to address it and to stop it.

Rehabilitation: How Those Who Are Addicted in Paso Robles can Beat the Habit for Good

Issue after issue has hit hard time and time again in and around Paso Robles and the entire state for that matter. For some reason this state has certainly accrued a very serious and severe drug problem of late, and little to nothing has been done in even recent years to try to do something about it and get rid of it. The problem in Paso Robles merely mimics the problem in the entire state as a whole.

Paso Robles had become trapped in a very intricate and very, very peculiar drug problem. By this is meant that, though Paso Robles is a relatively mid-sized city, it has still somehow managed to accrue what may be the worst heroin abuse problem per capita in the entire state. The problem has baffled local authorities and left the families of the local addicts scrambling for solutions to the issues. Effectively, little to nothing can be done until city-wide rehabilitation efforts are enacted.

Truly, the solution to the problem in and around Paso Robles is rehab. Specifically, rehabilitation of an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program; and recovery organization nature.

This truly is the key to city-wide sobriety. With rehab, it actually becomes an attainable goal for all of the addicts in any given area to be able conquest against and win against an addiction problem. As a result, it is now being encouraged that all those who are addicted do their best to get themselves into an inpatient program as soon as is possible.

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