About the City of Paramount, California

Paramount is a well-known city in Los Angeles County, within the state of California, in the United States of America.  According to the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city had a total population of 54,098, down from 55,266 at the 2000 census. Paramount is actually part of the Greater Los Angeles Area; and is bordered by Compton and Lynwood to the west, South Gate and Downey to the north, Bellflower to the east and south, and Long Beach to the south.

Paramount not only acts as a popular bedroom community, but the city has its own powerful micro economy.  The city has been becoming more and more successful as the years have gone by, all of it effectively leading up to a state in which Paramount controls its own businesses and trades while still acting as a bedroom community and suburb of Los Angeles.  The city has grown more desirable too as years have gone by, though recent hikes in real estate prices in the area have forced the population to dip slightly, as has recent increases in drug and alcohol abuse amongst the upper-middle class youth of the area too.

Facts and Statistics on an Addiction Issue in Paramount and in the Nation

To better understand the addiction issue that is occurring not only in Paramount but also as it is occurring in other areas too, some facts and statistics have been included below that act to shed some light on the crisis as it stands today:

•    The United States has become awash with prescription drugs.  There’s a drug for everything now, though it would seem from the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), that at least half of these drugs are a lot more trouble than they are worth.  In the year of 2012, a full and a staggering 259 million prescriptions were written for opioids, which is by far more than enough to give every American adult their very own bottle of pills.

•    The prescribing rates for prescription opioids among adolescents and young adults nearly
doubled from the years of 1994 to 2007.  Then they more than quadrupled just between 2007 and 2014.  Truthfully, the addiction crisis in the nation essentially revolves around an increase in prescription drug abuse.  Factually, prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing addiction cruises that this nation has ever seen.  If something is not done about this soon then the issue will only get worse and worse until the crisis takes over.  Last year the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), labeled prescription drug abuse in the nation as an actual, nation-wide, catastrophic epidemic.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Cure to Beat Addiction in Paramount and Across the Country

Addiction to drugs and alcohol has been a growing concern all across the nation for some time now.  Simply put, the problem is getting worse and worse, and it has shown no sign of backing off or being remediated at any point in the near future.  This is quite discouraging, and few cities or general urban areas can tell the story of an increasing addiction crisis quite as well as Paramount can.  Though it is not a sprawling metropolis, Paramount has still had its own fair share of addiction problems.  These have manifested themselves in many different ways and means, but the bottom line is that they have all been damaging for the city and its inhabitants.

Substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction has been labeled by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), as an actual epidemic.  For Paramount, this couldn’t be truer.  In just the last few years alone Paramount has experienced:

1.    Massive increases in substance abuse amongst young adults, amounting to an overall change in the youth demographic of the city and the surrounding area.  In Paramount, youths there are almost just as likely to be drug and alcohol users as sober individuals.

2.    Higher crime rates.  Prior to the year of 2010, Paramount has some of the lowest crime rate statistics per capita in the entire state.  Now it has some of the highest.  Most of these crimes haven’t gotten to the point of severe danger, violence, rape, or murder, but if substance abuse is allowed to continue to thrive unchecked here, it is only a matter of time before these aspects come into play here too.

3.    Drug and alcohol abuse amongst the adult women population of Paramount has skyrocketed.  This is particularly troublesome and dangerous as this simple fact has brought a great deal of sadness and trouble to the homes and the families of Paramount.

No one wants to see their city become a haven for drug and alcohol addiction.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what has been occurring in Paramount.  The issue is getting pretty out of hand and is already considered to be one of the worst in the entire state.  If something is not done soon to correct it, it is feared that Paramount will earn a label for a model example of what happens when drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general basically takes over a mid-sized American town.

Obviously, the residents of the area have been searching far and wide for a solution to this problem.  However, the solution is quite plain, and it lies in those addicted taking a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.  With help like this, it becomes quite possible for those who are addicted to seek out proper help and assistance from a qualified center.

It is time for the addicted residents of Paramount to make a change in their lives.  Rehabilitation works.  This is what is needed most in Paramount.  With the help of rehabilitation, this city really can change, and it is up to every addict who resides there to contribute to that change by going to an inpatient rehabilitation program.

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