Paradise is a small, quiet, but immensely beautiful incorporated town in Butte County, California. It is located in the picturesque Sierra Nevada foothills above the northeastern Sacramento Valley.  The 2010 United States Census Bureau reported that Paradise had a population of 26,218 residents all in all.

As for its history, Paradise incorporated in the year of 1979.  For many years, the Butte County Railroad operated trains along the ridge, serving mines and sawmills in that area.  Shortly after that, the population and the economy of the area began to grow to a point where the city could actually flourish and prosper.

Located on a ridge with elevations ranging from 2,000 to 2800 feet above sea level, Paradise is twelve miles east of Chico and ninety miles north of the state capital of Sacramento.  With over 26,000 residents, the Town of Paradise is the second largest city in Butte County, and is an excellent place to visit or to settle down and live.  Residents and visitors enjoy the tall pines and majestic oaks, the cooler summertime temperatures, the occasional but widespread winter snowfalls, and an engaging environment with a strong, connected, small town feel.  Rich in history, innate beauty, and friendly people, Paradise is a fantastic place to raise a family, build a business, or just relax for a weekend in the pines.  The city has really come on the map in recent years as a popular tourist destination, and the overall effect has been great on the local economy.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse has Also Made an Appearance in Paradise, California

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has also made a big impact on the local residents of Paradise.  The locals here have been left with nothing when they have gotten into trouble with addiction problems, as addiction after all does tend to rob an individual of all of his or her abilities, jobs, moneys, and possessions.  This has just come onto the field in Paradise, and it needs to be stopped as soon as is possible.

Facts and Statistics on the Issues with Addiction in and Around Paradise and Across the Nation

To better understand substance abuse problems not only as they are in the city of Paradise, but also as they are all across the nation, some facts and statistics have been included on it below:

• For a look at the deadliest drug of them all, prescription drugs surprisingly enough takes the lead.  This is truly saddening that the very drug we make to help us actually causes the most damage overall.  Here is a type of drug that is legal and easy to get. It is touted as being safe and beneficial to the health of those who take them yet more Americans die from prescription drugs than any other drug, or from all other drugs combined for that matter! For example, from the years 2001 to 2013 there was a 2.5-fold increase in the total number of deaths from prescription drugs.  In the year 2010, over twenty-two thousand Americans died from prescription drug overdoses, more than triple the deaths caused from heroin overdoses for example.

• Education is the most effective but least often utilized preventative tactic for stoping drug and alcohol abuse before it even occurs.  Education is the nation’s number one preventative measure, and this really needs to be used in this area.  Unfortunately, only a third of all parents in the United States discuss the risks of abusing drugs with their children.  For some reason parents just don’t want to talk about it with their kids or young adult children.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Way to Stop Climbing Addiction Statistics in and Around Paradise

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has caused conflict and upset in and around Paradise for years now.  This is an issue that has steadily grown more and more concerning and worrisome as the years have stretched by with more and more residents and locals of this once prosperous city falling prey to substance abuse problems.

Paradise is not the only city so affected however.  Other cities and areas have also fallen prey to these very same issues too, and these facts have been made all too obvious by the rising crime rates, the rising overdose rates, and the plummeting employment rates in other cities all across the nation.  Truthfully, substance abuse is a big problem all across the nation and these facts have been showcased by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC).  The CDC officially labeled one form of drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, to be an actual epidemic in the United States today.  This is the only substance abuse problem to ever in the nation earn this distinction.

Some cities have it harder than others.  Paradise is one of those cities.  Cruelly afflicted and addicted, Paradise has for over a decade suffered with rising addiction statistics and problems.  These problems have surprised many, as Paradise is not a big city.  However, the current trends in the nation have to large degree been moving towards smaller and middle sized towns and cities when it comes to drug abuse and addiction in general.  This is exactly the case for Paradise.

How can Paradise rise up and beat this drug problem once and for all?  The answer and key lies in inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations.  With centers like these, it actually becomes possible for those afflicted and addicted to really get down to the bottom of their addiction problems and work them over from the bottom up.  With rehabilitation, Paradise can beat addiction once and for all.

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