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Oxnard is a beautiful city in the United States, located right along the coast of Southern California.  Oxnard is the 19th most populous city in California and the most populous in all of Ventura County.  The city lies just approximately 30 miles west of the Los Angeles city limits, and is part of the larger Greater Los Angeles area as well.  The population of Oxnard was 203,585 as of the 2012 Financial Report and as of the 2012 United States Census Bureau’s estimate.

Oxnard and the surrounding area is well known and popular for multiple reasons.  For example, the metropolitan area that Oxnard is in the center of is listed as one of the wealthiest areas in all of America, with its residents making well above the average national income.  In the year 2013, Oxnard was ranked as one of the safest cities in America with violent crime rates well below the national average.

As for its history, Oxnard was incorporated in 1903.  The city is located at the western edge of the fertile Oxnard Plain, sitting just adjacent to a beautiful agricultural center of strawberries and lima beans.  Oxnard is also a major transportation hub in Southern California, with Amtrak, Union Pacific, Metrolink, Greyhound, and Intercalifornia stopping in Oxnard.

Just sixty miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, one can easily find the casual, seaside city of Oxnard where oceanfront recreation, fabulous festivals, sweet strawberries, exceptional weather, and miles of uncrowded beaches reside.  It is not at all surprising that this city is one of the most sought after cities in all of California.  Experts believe that the city’s population would have boomed long ago if it weren’t for the higher costs of living that the city has.  However, home to the California Strawberry Festival, and neighbor to the breathtaking Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Oxnard is a welcomed retreat any time of year for visitors and is often worth the higher costs for those who move there.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in the City of Oxnard

Sadly, since the economic recession of 2008 many drug dealers, drug traffickers, and drug pushers have elected to address their illicit trade to more wealthy, middle class, upper middle class, and upper class towns, cities, neighborhoods, suburbs, and metro areas.  What occurred all across the nation was that, following the economic recession of 2008, every American of all classes suffered, and many of those who used to e abel to afford drugs could no longer do so.  Rather than seeking other more ethical sources of income, drug dealers and traffickers instead took the risk of moving into wealthier, better protected communities to seek out new clientele.

This is exactly what has occurred in Oxnard.  The city never really had a drug abuse issue until very recently.  Now, drug abuse runs rampant in Oxnard, particularly amongst the city’s youth.  As this is a new problem, the city and its residents were taken by surprise and they didn’t really know how to address the situation.  Unfortunately, if something is not done soon it is feared that drug addiction, particularly in the form of opiate pain drug addiction and heroin abuse, will effectively take over the lives of many of the city’s residents.

Facts and Statistics on the Addiction Crisis on Oxnard, in California, and All Across the U.S.

Given the rising crisis in Oxnard and in the surrounding areas all across California, it became apparent recently that large scale action needed to be taken.  Before preventative measures could be constructed however, drug enforcement organizations had to understand the issues as best as possible.  The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMSHA), both worked together to survey, examine, and study the drug abuse issues and problems in Oxnard, in California, and all across the country for that matter.  Listed below are just two of their findings pertinent to Oxnard:

• Drug abuse treatment centers, law enforcement personnel and pharmacists have recently reported a sudden increase in the abuse of the pain medication oxycodone in California, Maine, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Maryland.  The estimated number of emergency department episodes involving oxycodone was stable from 1990 through 1996.  Emergency episodes doubled from 3,190 episodes in 1996 to 6,429 in 1999, and to well over fifteen thousand in 2010.

• In a survey of American teens, released in February, found that one in four said they had a friend or classmate who had used Ecstasy, while 17 percent said they knew more than one user.  In California, one in three teens has used some form of party drug.

Rehabilitation: How Addicted Oxnard Residents are Beating Addiction

Considering the average age of those abusing drugs in Oxnard, and considering the severe level of drug abuse that the city is facing, the absolute best and ultimately necessary course of action for those in the city who are addicted lies in a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, rehabilitation program, detoxification facility, and recovery center.  Only such a center possess the extensive programs, tools, trained staff, facilities, length of time needed, and intricate services offered that are all needed when trying to beat a drug or alcohol addiction habit.

Fighting addiction is no easy battle.  The truth is, many who are addicted, (particularly addicted young adults), feel as though they will never again know what it is like to be clean and sober.  this is not the case by any means at all.  In fact, anyone addicted to anything no matter how seriously or for how long can become clean and sober from drug and alcohol addiction, and an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, rehabilitation program, and detoxification facility acts as the guiding hand to bring about that sober state.

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