Ojai is a very, very nice city in Ventura County in the U.S. state of California. Located as it is in the Ojai Valley, the city is positioned northwest of Los Angeles and east of Santa Barbara. The valley is about a good ten miles long by about three miles wide, surrounded as it is by hills and mountains. The population was 7,461 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, down from 7,862 at the prior 2000 census.

Ojai is a major, major and very popular tourism destination with beautiful boutique hotels and recreation opportunities that all include lovely things like hiking and spiritual retreats, as well as for a farmers’ market on Sundays with local organic agriculture and crafts.  The city also has small businesses specializing in local and ecologically friendly art, design, and home improvement with different stores such as galleries and a solar power company. Chain stores (other than a few gas stations) are prohibited by Ojai city law to encourage local small business development and keep the town unique and absolutely special.

As for its history, the origin of the name Ojai has historically been known as derived from a Native American word meaning “nest.”  In fact, the city’s self-styled nickname is “Shangri-La” referencing the natural beauty of this health-and-spirituality-focused region and geographic area. While there are no known references at this time, it is commonly claimed that the mountains visible from the city were used, but then cut, from the 1937 movie as the mystical sanctuary of James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon, which adds to the spiritual aspect of the city.

Economically, Ojai is doing pretty well for itself.  The median income for households in the city came ranking in at $44,593, and the median income for a family was $52,917. Males had a median income of about $40,919 as opposed to only about $30,821 for females. The per capita income for the city came in at $25,670. About 7.9% of families and 10.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 15.9% of those under age 18 and 9.3% of those ages 65 or over.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Ojai

Unfortunately, as is the case with so many other towns and cities all across the state of California, Ojai has begun to fall under the influence of a pretty concerning and worrisome drug and alcohol addiction problem.  For example:

On the subject of drugs making a comeback, heroin has taken the stage in this matter, especially in small town California.  The biggest increases in heroin abuse and addiction have actually occurred in groups with historically much, much lower rates of heroin use and abuse in fact.  So, not only have abuse statistics gone up, but they’ve gone up amongst individuals with historically speaking almost no heroin abuse.  Demographics that are now responsible for the majority of heroin abuse in the States include women, individuals of upper middle class and middle class economic prosperity, and individuals with private insurance and higher incomes that live in California’s rural, pleasant, middle class and upper middle class cities like Ojai.

Rehab is Needed in Ojai

Substance abuse is a major crisis in California and it has been for some time now.  This is an issue and a concern that has come to call in this state on a level never before seen.  The problem is a very real one to say the least and it is unlikely that it will get any better any time soon either.  The real problem is that drugs easily get trafficked up into this state from Mexico.  That is really only part of the issue though.  The other part is that substances also filter in from other states too.  Also, prescription drugs which are normally considered to be helpful and beneficial are in fact now being realized to be incredibly dangerous and addictive.  All of this has converged on California and the result has been intensive and dangerous to say the least.

California has been experiencing addiction the likes of which it has never, ever experienced before.  This has been a huge problem to say the least with no real sign of it getting any better any time soon.  Without a doubt, the problem could worsen too, which is the fear that is on the minds of many.

Drug and alcohol addiction has finally crept its way into the small town of Ojai.  This small city and small area has never seen addiction like this, partially because drugs have never made it out from the big cities as far as a city like Ojai.  Well, now they have.

In light of the very concerning and worrisome times, the key really is to address addiction and substance abuse from the perspective of really tackling it once and for all and for good.  The way to do that is with rehabilitation.  With effective rehabilitation, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general can be brought down and removed once and for all and for good.  This now is needed perhaps more than it ever was before, and the truth of the matter is that drug abuse and drug addiction can really only be addressed by inpatient rehabilitation.  If rehab is brought into this area then freedom from addiction is actually attainable once and for all.

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