About the City of Murrieta

Murrieta is a city in southwestern Riverside County, in the state of California, in the United States.  The population of Murrieta was 103,466 at the 2010 census as created by the United States Census Bureau.  Murrieta experienced a 133.7% population increase between the year 2000 and the year 2010, according to the most recent census, making Murrieta one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state of California. This population boom in 2010 surpassed the population of the historically larger and more commercial city of Temecula to the south for the first time since the incorporation of either city many decades ago.  Murrieta is bordered by Temecula to the south and the newly incorporated cities of Menifee and Wildomar to the north, making the whole area a powerful metropolitan location.

Murrieta has a lot to offer to the casual visitor, and to the potential resident too.  Outside the city limits there are the Santa Rosa Plateau, the Temecula Valley Wine Country, and Lake Skinner which as all beautiful and attractive to visitors.  The Santa Rosa Plateau, an ecological reserve which is jointly owned by county and state governments, a private conservation group, and the local water district, is just outside the city to the west.

Visitors and residents to Murrieta alike can observe endangered wildlife, both flora and fauna, (including the threatened Engelmann oak).  The Temecula Valley Wine Country is approximately 7.5 miles southeast of Murrieta, and includes approximately 40 wineries all in all. Lake Skinner offers sailing, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and developed campsites to anyone who wants to enjoy them.  All in all, this is an ideal area for residents and visitors alike.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse: A New Issue for the Residents of Murrieta

Unfortunately, drug addiction and substance abuse has become a major issue in the city of Murrieta.  Specifically with prescription drug abuse, drug addiction and drug trafficking and dealing has become quite common not only in this city but in surrounding cities and urban areas too.  Sadly, this has had a major impact on the people of Murrieta with more and more residents becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Drug addiction and drug trafficking has been occurring more and more in middle class and upper middle class areas more and more ever since the economic recession of 2007 and 2008, and this manifestation has not missed Murrieta.  If something is not done soon, it is feared that this city will truly be on the verge of a veritable addiction melt down.

Facts and Statistics: The Cruel Truth of Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

The best way to address a drug addiction issue in any kind of geographical area is to first understand the issue as best as is possible.  To do this, the area must be researched, surveyed, studied, and analyzed to understand the drug crisis there.  Listed below are some facts and statistics on prescription drug abuse which is the most commonly abused drug in Murrieta:

• Opioid misuse/abuse is responsible for a little more than seventy-five percent of overdose-related deaths.  That’s more than any other prescription or illegal drug, and it is actually more than all other drugs combined.

• Prescription drug abuse is responsible for all in all almost all of overdose-related deaths.  Opioid painkillers are responsible for the most deaths by far followed by benzodiazepines.

• About 1.4 million emergency room visits every single year can be attributed to prescription drug abuse.  Sad as it might be, it is the man made, legal drugs that send the most Americans to the ER.

Rehabilitation for Those Who are Addicted

For those addicted in Murrieta, the solution to the crisis lies for all in a course through an inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and rehabilitation organization.  This the best approach for the addicted of Murrieta because only these types of centers offer both detoxification and rehabilitation alike, a necessary two-stage process that anyone addicted to prescription drugs will need to make a full recovery.

Detoxification is necessary for those addicted in Murrieta because it is impossible to focus on curing one’s addiction when one is still so chemically dependent upon addictive substances.  With detox, this is thoroughly handled as while in a detox facility one will be medically and chemically weaned down off of whatever substance he or she was physically dependent upon.

Once detox is completed, an addicted Murrieta resident can actually go through rehabilitation where he or she will experience a full plethora of rehabilitative technologies and methodologies.  One on one counseling, therapy, group sessions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Recognition Therapy, and so many other electives and programs like relapse prevention counseling, coping strategies, and life skills all help one resolve the various mental complexes and psychological pulls to prescription drugs.  Once this is completed, one will actually be able to live happily and healthily in Murrieta free from addiction.

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