Morgan Hill is a lovely city in Santa Clara County, California. The city is located in the southernmost portion of Silicon Valley and is very desirable for a bedroom community.

With origins that take it back to the Rancho period of California, the area initially started as the seat of the Rancho Ojo del Agua de la Coche, of the wealthy Californio family, the Murphys themselves.  The land eventually made it into the hands of Hiram Morgan Hill, who established his very own country home in the area and gave his name to the land itself. The settlement, which grew from Hill’s ranch, was incorporated in the year of 1906.

Originally starting off as a community of ranchers, farmers, and orchardists, the city has evolved into a bedroom community for the high tech industries in Silicon Valley, as well as the seat for several high tech companies too.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Statistics on the Issue

There’s no doubt about it, there has been a serious rise in drug and alcohol abuse not only in this city but all across the nation for that matter.  For example:

• An astounding seven percent of the U.S. population of the age of 12 or older, (or 16.9 million people all in all), reported heavy drinking of one kind or another.  This rate was very similar in fact to the rate of heavy drinking in the year of 2009.  The survey defined heavy drinking as binge drinking on at least 5 days in the past 30 days alone.  Sadly, this is an issue that has only gotten worse in the United States.

• In 2010 there were a lot of individuals in the United States who had a drug or alcohol use disorder (substance use disorder). This was an estimated 22.1 million persons. Of these, 2.9 million were classified with a substance use disorder of both alcohol and illicit drugs. 4.2 million were classified with a substance use disorder for illicit drugs but not alcohol. 15.0 million were classified with a substance use disorder for alcohol but not illicit drugs.

• Between the years of 2002 and 2010, the number of persons with substance use disorders was stable, but shortly after that the numbers skyrocketed.  23.1 million persons of the ages of 12 or older needed treatment for an alcohol or substance use disorder of one kind or another.  Of these only 2.6 million people received treatment at a specialized addiction facility of some kind.  The rest sadly went without treatment much to their sadness and travail.

• Addiction is a major issue.  Of the 20.5 million persons of the ages of 12 or older in the year of 2010 who needed substance use treatment but not did not receive it, 1.0 million persons (5.0 percent) reported that they felt they needed treatment for their drug or alcohol use problem of one kind or another.  Of these 1.0 million persons who felt they needed treatment, 341,000, (33.3 percent), reported that they made an effort to get treatment, and 683,000, (66.7 percent), reported making no effort to get treatment at all.

• Illicit drug use and abuse, (which includes the abuse of illegal drugs and/or the misuse of prescription medications or household substances as well), is something that many adolescents engage in now and then and occasionally, and a few do it regularly too.  By the twelfth grade in fact, about half of adolescents have abused an illicit drug at least once in their lives!  The most commonly used and abused drug is marijuana by far but adolescents can find many other types of abused substances to use as well, such as prescription medications, glues, and aerosols, in the home and at school too.  Many factors and strategies can help adolescents stay drug free though like: strong positive connections with parents, other family members, school, and religion; having parents present in the home at key times of the day; and reduced access in the home to illegal substances.

• Unfortunately, substance abuse and addiction has begun to play a very big role across United States. This has always been a problem ever since the nation’s inception, but now it is far worse off than I ever was before. The 21st-century has marked a whole new level of intensity and severity when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abusers in general. There are far more overdoses, far more accidents, far more substance abuse, and for more deaths and crime as a result of addiction  than there ever was before. The truth of the matter here is that the United States is facing a full on addiction epidemic and if something isn’t done about it soon then the issue will simply grow far, far worse.

• Perhaps the most concerning aspect of substance abuse in the United States today is the sheer numbers of people who have been dying from their habits. Deaths from drug and alcohol overdose have always been a problem, but never have they occurred in the sheer numbers that are happening now. Just last year for example more than 80,000 Americans lost their lives as a result of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Prior to the turn of the century, at the very most maybe 20,000 Americans would die from substance abuse.

Rehabilitation: The Best Solution to an Addiction Crisis That There Is

There is no doubt about it, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been a steady and severe issue in Morgan Hill for some time now. This problem has shown up under many different guises and in many different ways but the end result has been that the problem has only worsened in Morgan Hill in the last few years. More and more young adults specifically have been falling prey to drug and alcohol addiction and to general matters of substance abuse problems.

The key to resolving these problems from a citywide perspective lies in putting all of those who are addicted in the city through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detoxification facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. With the proper rehabilitation, quite literally anyone who is addicted to anything in or around Morgan Hill can beat their addiction habit once and for all and for good.

Rehabilitation helps those who are addicted in two very major and important ways. These techniques can only be achieved in inpatient centers and are crucial to an addict beating his or her drug addiction. These are:

1. Detoxification. This is the first and one of the most important aspects of rehabilitation. No individual so addicted can concentrate on his or her recovery process until he or she has had all chemicals and substances medically pulled out of his or her body. Inpatient detoxes do this in a safe and comfortable and painless way.

2. The next step is of course rehabilitation. This is where all of the mental, psychological, spiritual, and personal impulses and aspects of addiction are handled. With counseling and therapy, any mental impulse to use and abuse drugs and alcohol can be eradicated.

In the end, Morgan Hill will never see a full recovery unless all of those who are addicted get rehabilitated. With inpatient rehabilitation though, this prospect is actually quite attainable. It is of the utmost importance that those who live here aspire to achieve these goals so that the entire city can benefit as a result of it.

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