Moraga is an impressive and highly aesthetic and exclusive suburban incorporated town located in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, in the United States of America, in the infamous San Francisco Bay Area. It is named in honor of Mr. Joaquin Moraga, whose grandfather was José Joaquin Moraga, second in command to Juan Bautista de Anza. As of 2010, Moraga had a total population of 16,016 people as per the United States Census Bureau.

Moraga is known for being a wealthy, suburban town with beautiful homes and elegant parks.  As of the 2000 census, Moraga was the 79th wealthiest place in the US with a population above 10,000. In politics for example, Moraga is much more Conservative than the rest of California, with there being about 4300 registered Democrats, 6300 registered Republicans, and around 1200 independents all in all.

Moraga has a strong economy and is typically upper middle class and upper class.  The median income for a household in the town is $98,080, and the median income for a family is $116,113. Males have a median income of $92,815 versus $51,296 for females. The per capita income for the town is $45,437. 2.9% of the population and 1.9% of families are below the poverty line. Out of the entire total population, 3.5% of those under the age of 18 and 1.0% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line.

Drug Abuse in a Rich City

A lot of people don’t know this yet but in today’s day and age it is often the wealthy towns and the upper middle class and upper class areas that are currently being targeted more and more by drug dealers, traffickers, and criminals in general.  They usually go for kids, adolescents, teens, and young adults of these households, and they usually succeed in selling the kids drugs and in getting them addicted.  Cities like Moraga are better policed, but that doesn’t always work.  The city has never before now suffered with addiction issues, so this problem has taken the city by surprise.  Sure enough, this city often does suffer a lot from substance abuse issues, and if something is not done soon about this crisis then it will only just continue to get much, much worse.

Among the young adults of the age of 18 to 25, the rate of current non-medical use of prescription-type of drugs in the year of 2013 was 4.8 percent, which was similar to the rates in 2011 (5.0 percent) and 2012 (5.3 percent), but it was quite lower than the rates in the year bracket from 2002 to 2010 (ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 percent).  Then it jumped, and it jumped high, with 8.0 percent usage in 2015.

The overall rate of current cocaine use in the year of 2013 among young adults of the age of 18 to 25 was about 1.1 percent, which was quite similar to the rates in 2009, 2011, and 2012, but it was lower than the rates from 2002 to 2008 and in 2010 respectively.  This too jumped again to 5.0 percent in 2015.  These two drugs, pills and cocaine, have really been a problem for the youth in Moraga.

When it comes to young adults getting drugs in Moraga, it’s all about availability.  About half, (48.6 percent to be exact) of youths of the age of 12 to 17 reported in 2013 that it would be “fairly easy”, (their words), or “very easy” for them to obtain marijuana if they wanted some. One in eleven reported it would be easy to get heroin, (9.1 percent), 11.3 percent indicated that LSD would be easily available, and 14.4 percent reported easy availability for cocaine. In comparison with the rates in 2002, the 2013 rates represent increases in perceived availability for all four of these drugs.  What this means is that kids know where to get these drugs, and that they think it would be pretty easy to get them if they wanted to.  This means we need to crack down on prevention and make it so that the drugs are not so available while also educating kids on why they shouldn’t even be thinking about taking such drugs in the first place.

Discovering Addiction in Moraga

Moraga has a pretty major addiction problem right now.  The situation is quite steady and severe to say the least.  This is an area and this is a crisis that needs to be handled, and the best way to do that is for the locals to get more educated on drugs and drug use and alcohol abuse so that they can spot it and immediately address it more easily should it come up around them.  This is particularly important for families that might have a drug user or alcohol abuser amongst them.

Paraphernalia for using drugs:

• Burnt spoons
• Tiny baggies
• Tan or whitish powdery residue
• Dark, sticky residue
• Small glass pipes
• Syringes
• Rubber tubing

Appearance of a substance abuser:

• Tiny pupils
• Sleepy eyes
• Tendency to nod off
• Slow breathing
• Flushed skin
• Runny nose

Common User Behavior:

• Vomiting
• Scratching
• Slurred speech
• Complaints of constipation
• Complaints of nausea
• Neglect of grooming
• Failure to eat
• Covering arms with long sleeves

Addiction is deadly and it has already killed many in Moraga.  This is a deadly serious problem to say the least, and it has shown no sign of dropping down, reducing, or relaxing any time soon.  This is where rehab comes in.  With inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, rehab programs, detox facilities, and recovery organizations the addiction problem in Moraga can be completely eradicated in any person for good.

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