About the City and the Surrounding Areas of Montclair, California

Montclair is a lovely and pleasant city in the Pomona Valley, in southwestern San Bernardino County, California.  The population of the city was 36,664 in the 2010 United States Census Bureau’s report.

Montclair is now bordered by Pomona to the west, Claremont and Upland to the north, Ontario to the east, and Chino to the south.  Montclair is in the Pomona Valley and part of the Inland Empire region and is often used as a major commuting city and bedroom community too.

The San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) runs through the northern part of the city and acts as a major thoroughfare for the city and the surrounding areas.

As for its history, in the year of 1897, a “Township of Marquette” was founded within the borders of the modern city of Montclair.  Later in the year of 1900, a 1,000 acres tract of land was surveyed and named, “Monte Vista”.

A small settlement to the south of Monte Vista was later established in 1907 and named “Narod”.  Throughout the first half of the 20th century, the settlement was largely devoted to citrus orchards and other types of agriculture.  The Monte Vista tract then experienced growth in residential development after the Second World War, and the tract was incorporated as the city of Monte Vista on April 25th of the year of 1956.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Dependence and Statistics on the Issue

There is no doubt about it but drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been on the rise and in a big way too.  This is an issue that has brought nothing but sadness and misery down on those who are addicted. For a real eye opener on this, some facts and statistics have been included below:

• In the nation today there are more Americans who are addicted to alcohol and marijuana then there are who are addicted to cigarettes. This is particularly troublesome as alcohol is also one of the deadliest substances in the nation. It claims more lives than all other drugs used and abused combined. Something needs to be done soon about this because the issue is only getting worse and worse as the years go by.

• The reality of substance abuse today is that the United States is one of the most heavily addicted countries in the world. There are over 25 million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and hundreds of thousands more become addicted every year. In fact, close to 1 million Americans become newly addicted to drugs and alcohol every year, with only a couple hundred thousand receiving successful rehabilitation every year. This is now approaching the level of an epidemic, and only massive rehabilitation efforts will be able to dial it back several notches.

• Once an individual becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is very hard to kick the habit. Certain drugs are indeed more addictive than others though. Substances like alcohol, heroin, and prescription drugs are by far the most addictive and also the most likely to cause death in an individual. Unfortunately, these three drugs account for more than 80% of the American populace who are addicted.

• Marijuana use and abuse is on the rise and in a big way too. This substance has increased a lot in popularity because of its recent legalization in many states. Unfortunately, marijuana is about 5 to 6 times as potent as it was in the 70s and 80s, and now it is in fact very easy to get addicted to it. Additionally, marijuana also creates powerful incentives to use other drugs, and it has been correctly labeled the number one gateway drug of United States.

• A real major and critical aspect of drug addiction and substance abuse in the United States today has been the fact that it is so interwoven and linked with our crime. Wherever crime occurs, there’s almost always substance abuse occurring as well. Studies show that roughly 60% of all thefts and robberies occur as a result of substance addiction, roughly 70% of crime occurs as result of substance abuse, and more than 90% of all sexual assault occurs as a result of substance abuse.

Rehabilitation Sought as A Way to Beat Addiction

For once, even though Montclair is not a particularly large city, it is now gaining state-wide and almost nationwide attention. This is not attention for something good though, unfortunately. Montclair has become stricken with what might be one of the worst addiction problems per capita that the state has ever seen. This has been met with some confusion though, as Montclair is not a very big city and does not have a particularly large population. However the truth of the matter is that since the turn of the century Montclair has been hit with a strongly rising substance abuse problem, as have many of the cities nearby to an extent.

The issue here is that certain drugs have become very popular in Montclair, and the drugs that have become popular are very addictive and dangerous. It used to be that marijuana and synthetic drugs were The most common but now it is prescription drugs, heroin, and alcohol that draw the highest feedback. This is quite concerning because these drugs are a lot more addictive and dangerous and cause more fatalities them other lesser substances do. If something isn’t done soon about the addiction problem here then it is feared that Montclair will experience it’s very own micro epidemic.

The key answer to the substance abuse problem in Montclair lies in those who are addicted going through a full and complete inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. With the help of such a program, it is quite possible that all who are addicted in this area will be able to achieve sobriety and recovery.

Substance abuse and addiction is truly a terrible affliction to have. It does not mean the end of the world though, and it doesn’t even mean that one will suffer needlessly if rehabilitation is applied and applied quickly. With the proper rehabilitation techniques, quite literally anyone can beat addiction once and for all.

Now is the time for those addicted in and around Montclair to stand up and take their lives back. For each and every individual substance abuser who is recovered through rehabilitation, Montclair will improve a little bit. The city will make a complete turnaround if all of those who are addicted there beat their habits once and for all.

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