Marina is a pleasant and decent sized city in Monterey County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. The United States Census Bureau estimated its 2013 population at no less than 20,370. Marina is located along the central coast of California, 8 miles west of Salinas, and 8 miles north of Monterey, at an elevation of 43 feet all in all.  Marina was incorporated in the year of 1975 and is the newest city on the Monterey Peninsula.

The city of Marina includes parts of the California State University, Monterey Bay campus, the UCMBEST branch research center of UC Santa Cruz, and the Veterans Transition Center, (VTC). This city us known for having these bonus organizations residing there, and the city has benefited a lot because of that.  In 2012 for example, Marina was named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance.  Furthermore, the Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital, built in 1941 to provide healthcare for U.S. Army horses and mules, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Marina and in California

There is a pretty serious drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse issue that has made a big problem in and around Marina.  This is a city that has really experienced some interesting consequences and problems in recent years.  Substance abuse hasn’t just affected this small town though; it’s affected all of California, and the entire nation for that matter.  For example:

Alcohol abuse and addiction is becoming far more serious and severe in the United States than it has been in the past. This drug is so prevalent and so guarded by the fact that so many American companies make so much money with it that it is very difficult to fight alcohol addiction because it is legal and it is pushed on Americans constantly. For the numbers on it, roughly 20,000,000 Americans are addicted to alcohol, and about 80,000 die every year because of it. Not to mention the fact that alcohol abuse also kills a lot of other people as in the case of drunk driving accidents.

Substance abuse and addiction is a crisis that grows daily. The efforts of those who have started rehabilitation programs and who have pioneered good preventative campaigns must be applauded, but there is still a lot of work to quell the rising tide of drug and alcohol addiction in United States. In spite of all of these efforts, the issue still gets worse and worse every year, with more and more individuals falling prey to addiction and more and more individuals dying because of addiction.

Rehabilitation and How to Beat the Problem

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has taken a heavy toll on the lives of those who live in Marina, whether they themselves are addicted to drugs or not.  Marina is not a particularly large city, so the actions and the addictions of just a few hundred residents can have a wide spread effect on a large number of sober residents.  But why do people abuse drugs and abuse alcohol?  Why in Marina?  Marina is a relatively, “happy”, town according to the locals, and it would seem strange for it to be a city of rampant substance abuse, but there it is.  Listed below are just a few of the key factors of drug use in Marina:

• Drug abuse may start as a way to socially connect with other residents, especially for young adults living there. Commonly, people try drugs for the first time in social situations with friends and acquaintances and then branch out from there. A strong desire to fit in to the group can make it feel like doing the drugs with them is the only option to actually fit in.

• Problems can sometimes sneak up on residents, even if their lives are basically good. As their drug use gradually increases over time, those problems will get worse. Smoking a joint with friends over the weekend, or taking ecstasy at a rave, or cocaine at an occasional party, for example, can change from using drugs a couple of days a week to using them every single day instead.  Now, at this stage, most who abuse drugs in Marina abuse them daily.

• If the drug fulfills a valuable need for locals, they may find themselves increasingly relying on it.  They may end up taking drugs to calm or energize themselves, or to make themselves feel more confident. A lot of them have started using prescription drugs to cope with panic attacks or to relieve chronic pain.

• A lot of people in Marina are using drugs to fill a void in their lives. By doing this though, they’re more at risk of crossing the line from casual use to drug abuse and full blown addiction. To maintain a healthy balance in their lives, they need to have positive experiences and feel good about their lives without any kind of drug use.

• As drug abuse takes hold of those who live in Marina, the need for rehabilitation becomes great.  They may miss or frequently be late for work or school, their job performance may progressively deteriorate, and they might even start to neglect social or family responsibilities. At this point of the game, it is time to check into rehab.  Anything past this is absolutely life threatening.

Rehabilitation is the key to saving Marina, and it is the key to getting this city back onto track with the type of lifestyle that used to be expected and experienced there.  With proper rehab, Marina can handle those residents who are addicted and get back on track once and for all.

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