Larkspur is a pleasant city in Marin County, in the state of California, in the United States. Larkspur is located just three miles south of the much bigger city of San Rafael, at an elevation of 43 feet.  As of the 2010 Census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city’s population ranked in at 11,926. Larkspur is located north of San Francisco near Mount Tamalpais, giving it beautiful scenery, a good location, and highly desired real estate and residential areas.

Larkspur is a very quant, pretty, middle class American California town.  The median income for a household in the city was $66,710, and the median income for a family was $104,028. Males had a median income of $83,252 versus $49,421 for females. This is pretty standard and pretty normal for a California town.  The per capita income for the city was $56,983. About 1.8% of families and 3.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 2.3% of those under age 18 and 2.9% of those ages of 65 or over.  All in all Larkspur is known for being a pleasant city with little to complain about.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Larkspur

In recent years, substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction has made a pretty big problem in Larkspur and seems to be causing some problems and some damages there that, if they are allowed to go unchecked, will only get much, much worse long before they get any better.

This city for decades was nothing but a pleasant and lovely and especially quiet residential town.  It acted as a desired town for local residents who wanted to live nearby some of the bigger cities.  Now however drugs have filtered out of the bigger towns and into this one and other small, local, outlying towns and suburban areas and suburbs.  Drug dealers, pushers, and traffickers have forced drugs into these smaller towns and cities and the result has been a tough one to say the least.  The crisis and the issue has spread further and further outwards into all of the small towns in this area, and since they don’t really know how to deal with such issues as they are new to them, towns like Larkspur have suffered even more from these changes.

The Facts

In complete honesty, drug and alcohol addiction is actually a huge problem nationwide.  These are issues and problems that change and alter and adjust as the years go by, but the problem truly is something to worry about, and it’s something to correct too.  For example:

• The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the United States first among no less than 17 European and North American countries for prevalence of marijuana use amongst youth.  More users start every day too. In the year of 2008, an estimated 2.2 million Americans used marijuana for the first time; greater than half of the first-time users were under the age of 18.

• Treatment admissions for methamphetamine use and abuse have also increased substantially in recent years. In the year of 1992 for example, there were approximately 21,000 treatment admissions in which methamphetamine/amphetamine was identified as the primary drug of abuse for those who admitted to a drug of choice.  By 2004, the number of methamphetamine treatment admissions increased to greater than a full 150,000, representing no less than eight percent of all admissions.

Using Rehabilitation to Address Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction have left a mark on Larkspur that is worthy of mention. This is an issue and a crisis that is major and concerning to say the least. The problems have been extensive, and little to nothing has been done to correct the addiction problems so far.

Substance abuse is a pretty new issue for Larkspur. This is not something that Larkspur, being the small city that it is, has ever really had to deal with before. It’s an issue and a concern to say the least with no real sign of it improving now.

The way to tackle addiction in Larkspur is with inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations. With an approach like this recovery can happen in Larkspur and it can happen quickly. Addiction is only a problem here because there are people who are still addicted in this town. As long as a town has addicts in it, they will find ways to get drugs into the area. Rehabilitate the addicts and you’ve handled the drug problem.

For the first time ever, salvation is possible in Larkspur, but is only possible if those who are addicted go to rehab. Now more than ever this has to be the main focus here.  If those who are addicted in this city find their way into and through inpatient rehab programs, the city will make great changes and create benefits for all who live there.

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