Lafayette is a small, quiet, and pleasant city in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, in the United States. As of the year 2011, the city’s population was estimated to be 24,285 by the United States Census Bureau.  In the year 2012, the estimated median household income in Lafayette was well over $150,000, which ranks in at more than double the statewide average and nearly triple the overall national average, which makes Lafayette a very wealthy little town.  As for its history, during the mid-1900s, Lafayette was transformed from an agricultural village into a commuter town, and was incorporated in the year of 1968 into an official city.

In November of 2006, Lafayette earned recognition when local area residents began placing crosses on a hill overlooking the Lafayette BART station and Highway 24 “to represent and memorialize the American soldiers who have died in the ongoing Iraqi war.” As of January 2014, there are approximately now 6,000 crosses in place, representing the troops who have died in Iraq, and there is also a large sign displaying the total number of deaths from that section of the war in the Middle East. The memorial has generated a lot public attention, media coverage and counter-protests due to its visibility from the commuter thoroughfare below as well. Nevertheless, the memorial stands tall as a strong and resolute sign of the American support for the armed services, and the small act of kindness really put Lafayette on the map.

Another historical site can be found in Lafayette, which is known as the Park Theater, which first opened in the year of 1941, and then ceased all of its operations in the year 2005. The Park Theater was originally and initially a movie theater located on an intersection where the La Fayette statue was built. It then showed its last movie before ceasing operations in 2005.  Today the theater still stands as a historic landmark for the town.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Strike Hard in Wealthy Towns

Since the economic recession of 2008, drug dealers and criminals in general have shown a lot of interest in cities that have more money.  Basically, what addicts there were in inner cities and bigger metro areas began to run out of money to support their habits when the recession left them in poor financial conditions.  True enough, this was a big problem for the drug dealers in the United States at that time, so what they did to cope was to try to sell drugs to wealthier Americans.  In a lot of ways, this worked for them and currently a lot of wealthy cities and neighborhoods are suffering with drug abuse problems, particularly with the youth of those areas.  If something isn’t done soon about it, then the problem will certainly only escalate.

Statistics on the Issue

To draw some context as to just how major this problem really is, some facts and statistics that apply all across the nation have been included below:

• On the subject of drugs making a very big comeback, heroin has taken the stage in this matter and in a big way too.  The biggest increases in heroin abuse and addiction have actually occurred in groups with historically much, much lower rates of heroin use and abuse overall.  So, not only have abuse statistics gone up and have really skyrocketed, but they’ve gone up amongst individuals with historically speaking almost no heroin abuse at all.  Demographics that are now responsible for the majority of heroin abuse in the States include women, individuals of upper middle class and middle class economic prosperity, and individuals with private insurance and higher incomes of one degree or another.

• Crystal meth really is increasing in popularity rather rapidly and in a big way too.  For example, more than one and a half million Americans over the age of twelve try meth every single year, and a high percentage of those who try it then become addicted to it, as sad as this may be.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Viable Solution

There’s no doubt about it, those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in Lafayette will need to seek out rehabilitation.  With proper rehabilitation, anyone who is addicted to anything can really and truly beat addiction and substance abuse problems once and for all.  This is the key here and will be for some time now.  Inpatient rehabilitation is the best chance that Lafayette has at winning the battle against addiction once and for all, because only inpatient rehab guarantees strong results and can produce them.

Inpatient rehab centers have powerful detoxification programs.  With proper detox anyone who is addicted to anything can actually, finally, beat their chemical dependence problem.  Rehab centers in CA also have rehab programs themselves of course, and these are invaluable.  This is where those addicted can get all the counseling and therapy that they could possibly need to handle and eradicate the nightmare of addiction.  In the end, proper rehab is going to be what makes the biggest turn around in Lafayette.Rehab centers in CA also have rehab programs themselves of course, and these are invaluable.  This is where those addicted can get all the counseling and therapy that they could possibly need to handle and eradicate the nightmare of addiction.  In the end, proper rehab is going to be what makes the biggest turn around in Lafayette.

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