La Verne is a small but very pretty and pleasant city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The population was 31,063 at the 2010 census, down from 31,638 at the 2000 census.

Founded in the year of 1887 and incorporated in 1906, La Verne is nestled in the pleasant foothills of the San Gabriel Pomona Valleys.  La Verne is situated approximately 35 miles east of Los Angeles and is often used as a bedroom community for inner city commuters. Although La Verne is located in metropolitan Los Angeles County, it is a “close-knit” community which has been able to retain its “small town” traditions and virtues, according to the locals and visitors alike.

La Verne has a significant senior citizen population in addition to those who use it as a bedroom community. In addition to that, due to an influx of new upscale housing during the past two decades, La Verne also enjoys a large clientele of school-age youth and new families too.  The City provides a full range of services including police, fire, water, streets, planning, parks and community services for all who live there and visit there. La Verne is a well-balanced residential community which includes a good mix of commercial and industrial uses as well as the University of La Verne, an airport, and fine public and private schools alike.

Substance Abuse Strikes Hard in a Once Peaceful and Drug-Free Town

Sadly, there has been some significant troubles of late in and around La Verne.  The city is populated by a large number of senior citizens.  Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics to be becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and substances in general, as they are often prescribed medications and drugs for various health conditions.  Sadly, they very often become addicted to them.

This has been the nature of the beast in La Verne.  A City that was once peaceful and drug free is now rife with substances left and right, with older residents and younger too.  If something is not done soon then the problem will only get much, much worse.

Facts and Statistics on the Drug Problem in and Around La Verne

Sadly, there has been a growing issue and problem as it were in the nation when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  La Verne isn’t the only city that has been affected.  Many others have been too.  For some statistics and data on it, particularly as pertains to marijuana and opiates, the two drugs that have caused the most damage in and around La Verne:

There have been some alarming, new statistics recently published about marijuana abuse in the U.S.:

• The potency of marijuana has been increasing steadily. In 2009, THC concentrations in marijuana averaged close to 10 percent, compared to around 4 percent in the 1980s.
• In 2008, marijuana was reported in over 374,000 emergency department visits in the U.S., with about 13 percent involving people between the ages of 12 and 17.
• Long-term studies of high school students’ patterns of drug use show that most young people who use other drugs have tried marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco first.
• The World Health Organization ranks the United States first among 17 European and North American countries for prevalence of marijuana use.
• And more users start every day. In 2008, an estimated 2.2 million Americans used marijuana for the first time; greater than half of first-time users were under age 18.

Opiate abuse and addiction is very dangerous, very risky, potentially fatal, and is a highly costly problem in the United States and in La Verne too.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), reports the following statistics regarding opiate abuse in each and every state of the United States.  For some quick stats on opiate abuse, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), reported the below findings recently:

• Reports indicate that nearly two-thirds of people in Opiate abuse treatment report were physically or sexually abused as children.
• The 2002 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reported that in 2002, heroin-related hospital Emergency Department episodes numbered 93,519.
• According to the 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 3.7 million people had used heroin at some time in their lives, and over 119,000 of them reported using it within the month preceding the survey. An estimated 314,000 Americans used heroin in the past year. The group that represented the highest number of those users was 26 or older. Additionally, 57.4 percent of past year heroin users were classified with dependence on or abuse of heroin; an estimated 281,000 persons received treatment for heroin abuse.
• In 2006, approximately 20.4 million Americans aged 12 or older were current (past month) illicit Opiate users.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution to Addiction in La Verne

Contrary to popular belief, it is no longer just the bigger cities, metro areas, and major urban locations that get hit hard with drug and alcohol abuse and crime related to those activities. Now, with substance abuse being as prevalent as it is, medium-sized and smaller cities too fall prey to major addiction problems. This has been the lot of life in La Verne, unfortunately.

For over a decade now drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, and drug-related crimes and issues have become more and more prevalent in and around La Verne. Substance abuse has been realistically increasing for some time now and has shown no real sign off dropping down or reducing any time soon. The truth of the matter is that, once addiction gets its hold on an area, it is very difficult to get it out.

This is why it is so important that those in La Verne who are addicted to drugs and alcohol seek out an impatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. These are the only programs that can truly and significantly affect lasting change and permanent sobriety in an individual. La Verne needs help like this now more than ever before. Now is the time for those addicted in La Verne to reach out for rehab in CA and to take the first step towards a positive and healthy life.

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