About the City of La Quinta

La Quinta is a lovely resort city in Riverside County, California, USA, specifically in the Coachella Valley between Indian Wells and Indio too. The population was 37,467 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 23,694 at the 2000 census.

The Robb Report credits La Quinta as the leading golf destination in the US. Among those destinations is the infamous La Quinta Resort and Club, a resort dating to 1926, where director Frank Capra wrote the screenplay for Lost Horizon.

The Tom Fazio-designed golf course at The Quarry at La Quinta is ranked among the top 100 golf courses in the entire United States.  In January 2008, the Arnold Palmer Classic Course at the city’s SilverRock Golf Resort became one of the four host golf courses for the annual Bob Hope Chrysler Classic PGA golf tournament.

The city enjoys a very healthy tourism industry too, especially during the cooler winter months in which “snowbird” tourists arrive. The most prominent industry is golfing with more than twenty golf courses, including the world-famous PGA West, which has hosted prestigious tournaments such as The Skins Game, Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, The Grand Slam of Golf, The Legends of Golf, as well as the PGA Tour Qualifying School.

La Quinta has increased the number of retail shopping centers, both discount (Target and Home Depot), and high-end retailers (Kohl’s and Stein Mart) brought millions of revenue dollars to the city, and the city council hopes for La Quinta to share a reputation for shoppers like Palm Desert (El Paseo) and Palm Springs (the Village and Palm Canyon) by the end of the decade too.

Addiction on the Rise in La Quinta and Across the Nation with Statistics

Addiction has been on the rise in this city, partially because most who can afford to live here can also afford to buy drugs.  It’s not just here though; in truth, addiction is a big problem all across the nation.  For example:

• Studies show truthfully that more adolescents drink alcohol than smoke cigarettes or use marijuana.  This is terrible because alcohol abuse is way worse than smoking cigarettes or even abusing marijuana is.  Within the past month alone for example, almost four out of 10 high school seniors reported drinking some alcohol and more than one in five reported have engaged in “binge drinking” daily in the past two weeks alone.  Drinking endangers adolescents in multiple ways including motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of death for this age group to name just one risk.  Furthermore, nearly one in four adolescents has ridden in a car with a driver who had been drinking to one degree or another.  Genetic factors and life stressors too influence adolescents’ alcohol abuse, but parents and guardians can help by monitoring adolescents’ activities and keeping channels of communication open to them.

• Substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction has begun to take over demographics that never used to be very heavily affected by them. These are demographics like middle-class Americans, upper middle-class Americans, and upper-class Americans. These individuals have been dying in droves as a result of their addictions because they have very little experience with it. It is of the upmost importance to get these individuals rehabilitated before it is too late.

• Since the turn of the century, drug addiction and substance abuse has begun to play a far bigger role with this country’s children, teenagers, adolescents, and young adults. Roughly 40% of the Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are between the ages of 15 and 30. Sadly, an individual at this age range is also twice as likely to die from an overdose or to even experience an overdose than the individual who is over the age of 30 is. This is by far the demographic that suffers the most from addiction.

Rehabilitation Sought to Beat Addiction

Substance abuse has for some time now been a pretty serious issue in and around La Quinta. This is a city that prior to the turn of the century had almost no drug abuse problems but now has lots of drug abuse problems. In essence the problem here is that a relatively recent increase in the trafficking of narcotics from Mexico through this general locale caused a lot more drugs to simply be in the area than there ever were before. The result of this fact of course, even if those drugs were intended to go to other places, has been that there are a lot more substance abusers in the city then there ever were before.

With such a serious drug problem affecting this area, the locals and residents of the area have been grasping at straws trying to find a good solution to their problem. Fighting substance abuse on a city-wide scale is never an easy thing to do. In fact it is hard enough to handle substance abuse in one person. There is a plan though that will work if it is applied correctly and with enough diligence.

This is speaking of course of those who are addicted and afflicted with substance abuse problems all going through courses at inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations. With programs like these, anyone who is addicted to anything no matter who they are or what they are addicted to or how long they have been addicted for, literally anyone can beat addiction once and for all with the help of an inpatient rehabilitation center in California.

Rehab centers help in many different ways. Without a doubt, the first real benefit of going to an inpatient rehab center lies in their excellent detoxification facilities. Detox is essentially the medical wean down of someone who is hooked on chemically depending drugs and substances.
With detox, one will experience relief from all aspects and traits of chemical and physical drug and alcohol addiction.

The next aspect of  rehabilitation that is truly invaluable is the rehab program itself. This is absolutely necessary to a successful recovery. With proper rehabilitation, one will actually receive the counseling and therapy necessary to tackle all mental and psychological aspects and facets of drug and alcohol addiction.

The problem truly is severe in and around La Quinta. That does not mean it is the end of the world though. With the help of rehab centers, La Quinta can make a real turnaround.

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