About the City of La Mesa

La Mesa is a lovely city in Southern California, located just a mere 9 miles east of Downtown San Diego in San Diego County.  The population of this city was 57,065 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 54,749 at the 2000 census.  Its civic motto is “the Jewel of the Hills”, and it is known for its aesthetic beauty.

La Mesa was initially founded in the year 1869 and The City of La Mesa was incorporated on February 16, 1912, under the general laws of the state of California.  As such, it does not have a city charter but operates instead under the laws of the state of California in all respects not specifically covered by any city ordinance.  The city is visited a lot every year by tourists, and it is become quite popular in this area.

Facts and Statistics on a Rising Drug Crisis in La Mesa and in the Nation

Drug addiction has made a big impact not only on La Mesa but on the whole state and the entire nation for that matter.  Some information and facts are displayed below that highlight this issue:

•    Illicit drug use and abuse which of course includes the abuse of illegal drugs and/or the misuse of prescription medications or household substances too, is something many adolescents engage in occasionally, and a few do it regularly in fact.  Studies show to us that by the twelfth grade, about half of any and all adolescents have abused an illicit drug at least once in their lives.  The most commonly used drug is marijuana but adolescents can find many abused substances, such as prescription medications, (in some years these have even been more popular than marijuana has), glues, and aerosols, in the home.  Adolescent drug abuse is common in La Mesa.

•    Between the years of 1999 and 2000, the overall rate of past month marijuana use among women aged 12 and older increased from 3.1 percent to 3.5 percent.  This increase was actually primarily due to an increase in use among women aged 26 and older, from 1.4 percent in 1999 to 2.0 percent in 2000.  This has been a big issue in La Mesa.

The Problem and the Solution: How Addiction in Beaten with Rehabilitation

It has become common knowledge now that far more than what is considered the average number of people have begun to struggle with some form of substance abuse disorder or drug and alcohol addiction of some kind in La Mesa. This is an issue that has been worsening more and more as each year has passed by in La Mesa. For the residents of La Mesa, the issue has been met with quite a large degree of concern and consternation, as prior to the turn of the century, La Mesa had very little substance abuse problems. Now however, the issue has begun to worsen on an exponential level as the years have gone by. Substance abuse in this area has manifested itself in the form of rapidly increasing numbers of kids, adolescents, teens, and young adults who are abusing drugs and alcohol. Interestingly enough, women in general in La Mesa have begun to abuse drugs and alcohol a whole lot more frequently than before. Finally, The upper middle class and upper class residents of La Mesa are also becoming addicted a lot more regularly and with much more frequency than ever before.

True enough, in La Mesa, drug and alcohol abuse is no longer a habit of the poor and the poverty class residents as it once was. These changes have probably been brought on by increases in substance abuse in the form of prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and heroin abuse. These substances tend to draw different crowds and the types of substances that used to be more popular in the United States like cocaine, meth, and marijuana. If something is not done about this soon, it is feared that drug and alcohol abuse in general is going to get a lot worse to the point where it is a very serious and severe issue in La Mesa and will grow to be even worse than it already is.

This is why it is so important for the residents of La Mesa to take advantage of the services offered by qualified, professional, licensed, and accredited inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations. With the help offered by programs like these, it is a simple fact that quite literally anyone who is addicted to anything in La Mesa will be able to beat their addiction for good and once and for all. Rehabilitation is a powerful tool when it is used correctly, and many rehab centers have offered their services to those addicted in La Mesa.

In an inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation program, one will have full access to the necessary detoxification services that are needed to address and eradicate chemical dependence. Also at an inpatient rehabilitation center, one will have access to all of the counseling, therapy, life skills, electives, relapse prevention courses, coping strategies enhancement, and everything else in between that is all ultimately needed to fully eradicate drug and alcohol addiction. With these tools fully used and enabled, addiction can finally be a thing of the past in La Mesa.

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