The City of Inglewood, California in Review and Summary

Inglewood is a very well-known and very popular city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, southwest of downtown Los Angeles in the United States.  As of the 2010 U.S. Census report as constructed by the United States Census Bureau, the city had a population of 109,673.  It was incorporated on February 14, 1908, and has been thriving ever since then.  The city is in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is considered to be a supporting city and bedroom community to Los Angeles.

As a very important gateway to major commercial centers of the United States and internationally too, Inglewood is in a unique position on the shore of the Pacific Rim.  The Los Angeles International Airport is very easily and directly accessible by Inglewood’s Century Boulevard, one of the City’s busiest commercial corridors.  Proximity to the airport, the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors, and four major freeways facilitate both domestic and international trade and make getting around in the city very easy with much shorter commutes than what is generally considered normal in the LA area.

Inglewood is perhaps most well-known for its academic achievement as a city.  The city is home to 21 public and 4 private schools ranging from pre-school to adult education alike.  Inglewood houses Springfield College, the University of West Los Angeles Law School, and it is less than twenty minutes from Loyola Marymount University, University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, California State Universities at Long Beach and Dominguez Hill, El Camino Community College and Los Angeles Southwest College, and less than an hour away from a number of other Colleges and Universities.  Without a doubt, this is one city that prides itself on the quality of education that it provides there-in.

The City also provides its businesses with excellent job training and placement services at the Inglewood One-Stop Career and Education Center.  This is another thing that Inglewood is known for; its ability to train and rapidly employ thousands of residents every single year.  The One-Stop Center provides businesses with subsidies for training new and existing employees, and offers access to teleconferencing, telecommuting and distance learning activities alike.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse: A Cruel Fate for Those Afflicted in Inglewood

Sadly, even with all of the production and activity in positive directions that this city it talking, that hasn’t stopped it from attracting a significant amount for drug addiction and substance abuse to the city and to the residents.  Since the most recent recession, the city has taken on the face of drug addiction quite seriously, as many drug dealers and traffickers have moved outside of the greater LA area and into the surrounding cities and neighborhoods to try and find new, more wealthy clientele.  Though this is quite saddening, it is nevertheless quite true, and if something is not done about it soon then the city could very well be faced with a very serious addiction and substance abuse crisis.

Facts and Statistics: Some Information on the Nation’s Very Serious Addiction Issue

Listed below are some facts and statistics that are very pertinent to the drug crisis that is tackling the United States as a nation today:

•    Next to alcohol, marijuana is the second most frequently found substance in the bodies of drivers involved in fatal automobile accidents or collisions.  Studies also show that marijuana impairs driving just as much as alcohol does.

•    Calls to poison control centers related to synthetic marijuana use increased in the United States by almost 80 percent between the years of 2010 and 2012.

•    A more recent 2013 U.S. government report found the number of emergency department visits in 2011 involving toxic reactions to synthetic marijuana had increased by2.5 times, to a full 28,531.

•    In the year 2014, “K2” from a Texas dealer was linked to 120 overdoses in Austin and Dallas in one week alone, similar problems have occurred in California too recently.

•    Youth who drink are actually 7.5 times more likely to use other illegal drugs and fifty times more likely to use cocaine than young people who never drink as cocaine and alcohol often go hand in hand.  One survey found that 32% of the heavy drinkers over 12 were also illegal drug users as well.

Rehabilitation: How to Beat Addiction Once and for All in Inglewood

For those addicted in Inglewood, the best shot at a lifetime of recovery for them lies in a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, rehabilitation program, recovery organization, detox facility, and aftercare location.  It is with these types of centers that the individuals who are addicted in Inglewood will be able to successfully find a way out of addiction and into a much better situation in life and livingness in general.  It is now being strongly advised that anyone who is addicted in this area seek out treatment as soon as is possible so that the city as a whole can begin to experience a better lifestyle and happiness for all of its many residents.

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