Hillsborough is a very unique town.  First of all, it is one of the wealthiest communities in the nation.  This beautiful city rests in San Mateo County, in the state of California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hillsborough is known nationwide for having the highest income of places in the United States with populations of at least 10,000 people or above. This city of wealth and gentrification is located a mere seventeen miles south of San Francisco on the San Francisco Peninsula, bordered by Burlingame to the north, San Mateo to the east, Highlands-Baywood Park to the south, and commuter highway Interstate 280 to the west. The population was 11,273 as of the 2013 United States Census Bureau’s Estimate.

Hillsborough’s landscape is unique because it is entirely dominated by large homes.  In fact, the town zoning and subdivision ordinances require a no less than 2,500-square-foot minimum house size and minimum lot size of 0.5 acres.  There are a lot of rules and red tape on this town and it is incredibly well mandated.  As a result of this, there are no apartments, condominiums or townhouses in the city limits, just large, expensive houses.

Another interesting thing about Hillsborough is that the town has no commercial zoning and thus no businesses within the town limits either.  In fact, the only non-residential properties in the entire city are the town’s four public and three private schools, town and county government facilities, a golf course, a country club, and a small park.  Truly this city emanates an exclusive vibe that is predominately centered on making and keeping this city a residential city alone.

Drug Addiction Begins to Creep Into Hillsborough

Starting in 2008 when the United States experienced its greatest recession since the Great Depression in the 1930’s, drug abuse began to skyrocket.  Since then, substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and drug crime and general problems has been mostly spreading outwards from bigger cities and more urban, metro areas and into more suburban, outlying, rural, and small town areas.  This problem has been bad and has gotten much, much worse to state it simply.  Even wealthy cities haven’t been able to entirely keep drugs out, especially since it has been the young adult population that has been most affected by the spread and most sold to by dealers.  True enough, surveys now show that about one out of every three teens in Hillsborough has tried an illegal drug, and about one out of every eight is addicted to something.  If fast action isn’t taken to prevent and stop this issue then it will certainly only get much, much worse.

Rehabilitation is the Answer for Hillsborough

Who would have thought that Hillsborough of all places would succumb so heavily to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general?  Sadly, this is exactly what has occurred here and it has struck hard too.  This is now a beleaguered town.  A lot of people are saying things like, “How can a city of less than twenty-thousand people be so affected by addiction problems?  The truth is that addiction and substance abuse in general has literally spread outwards from other, bigger cities and into smaller towns like Hillsborough.  For a drug dealer fresh from the big city, Hillsborough is like a fresh batch of clientele to them.  Ripe for the pickings, so to speak.

How does a small town like Hillsborough combat such a heinous issue?  There really are only two ways to do so.  They are:

1. Prevention.  This is self-explanatory.  Simply stop drugs from getting into the area.  This is the job of city government as well as the local police force and even just the residents themselves.  It is imperative when substance abuse and addiction problems are getting this bad to really crack down on law enforcement and just get the threat of addiction out the door.

2. Rehabilitation.  This is also pretty self-explanatory.  Realistically, addicts are very, very resourceful people even if they do not appear to be so.  For an addict, his or her number one priority is getting his or her fix and getting it NOW.  That is their key mission and their number one intention and resolve.  The truth is, they will go to no end to get their fix and to get it fast.  If a city does not actually rehabilitate their drug and alcohol addicts, then it is guaranteed that they will find a way to get their substances back into the city and then the city is back at square one again.

It is not rocket science to address addiction is a town, but it does take a great deal of work and effort.  The work is worth it though, as the end result is a rehabilitated and recovered Hillsborough.  With the right effort, Hillsborough can go back to being its old, sober self in no time. Find a California drug rehab today.

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