About the City of Highland

Highland is a well-known and popular city in San Bernardino County, in the state of California, in the United States.  The population of the city in 2010, (according to the U.S. Census), was 53,104, up from 44,605 at the 2000 census.  The term Highland also refers to a geographical area of the city of San Bernardino, (generally east of Del Rosa Avenue to the eastern city limits), and parts of unincorporated San Bernardino County too.

This is an affluent bedroom community and suburban dream that has earned fame and renown for itself in recent years.  Without a doubt, this is a city that is up and coming with a steadily growing population and increasing economic prosperity too.  Without a doubt, this city has only one place to go and that is up.

Facts and Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Highland and in the Surrounding Areas

To better understand any given drug and alcohol addiction crisis it is best to know as much as can be known about the facts and statistics on the drug and alcohol problem in any given area.  Listed below is some vital information on addiction not only in Highland, but all across the nation for that matter:

•    Sadly almost two million emergency room visits involved the non-medical use and abuse of prescription medication in the year of 2011.  In more than thirty percent of these medical emergencies, opioids were involved in some way, shape, or form.  This means that prescription drugs, the drugs that are supposed to do good for mankind and help individuals all across the United States, is actually doing a good amount of harm and damage.  If something is not done soon about this, it is feared that prescription drug abuse in the United States will become an even bigger issue than alcohol abuse is.

•    Studies show that about one in four teens, (twenty-six percent of them actually) believe that prescription drugs can be used as a study aid, though there is absolutely no evidence that supports this.  Furthermore, about one out of every eight teen believes that heroin is not addictive after only one use, which is also ludicrous.  Finally, about one in six teens believe that any drug that is natural in origin, (e.g. heroin, cocaine, and marijuana to name a few), cannot be as dangerous as man-made drugs are.

Rehab Sought as a Solution for Addiction in Highland

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has begun to make a serious and severe impact on the city of Highland.  This is an area that has had average addiction problems throughout its history, but nothing like what is occurring there now.  In fact, the problem only grows worse and worse and worse as years continue to go by with no real signs or indications of it slowing down or lessening any time soon.

•    This city cannot help its relative close proximity to Mexico and, as a result of that, the pretty intensive amount of trafficking of illegal narcotics that occurs and happens there.  The fact of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction and trafficking in general here has been a pretty serious and severe issue here for that reason, but the increases in drug abuse within the actual city itself come from completely different causes.  Here are some of them:

•    Prescription drug abuse has become intensely popular in Highland, and this has equated into a much higher amount of drug abuse amongst young adults, senior citizens, and upper middle class residents in general.  These are demographics that, prior to the 21st century, did not really get affected that much in Highland.

•    Alcohol abuse is also on its way up in Highland and has been for some time now.  Alcohol abuse and addiction is a serious issue in Highland and has been the cause of constant accidents, crimes, thefts, violence, and domestic abuse.

•    Meth abuse is on its way up in Highland too, but not with meth from Mexico.  A lot of American made meth is starting to make a big appearance in places like Highland, and in other areas all across the state and the American Southwest.

These factors and others have been basically going unchecked for many years now.  In times like these, many have asked the question, what can be done about this problem to make it go away for good?  The answer to that lies in taking those who are addicted and putting them through a total and complete detox and rehab program both.

When the residents of Highland have looked for solutions to the addiction crisis here, the answer keeps coming up that the absolute best way to resolve the issue lies in those addicted taking a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.

At a rehab center one will be fully detoxed, which is to say that one will finally be able to beat the chemical and physical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction because they are essentially being made to force themselves to ween down off of substances with absolutely no access to these substances being available for them to get their hands on.  In the end, this seems to be the most successful way to beat chemicals dependence.

After detox is completed, rehab in CA itself is of course the next step.  Beating addiction is no easy thing to do whether rehab is involved or not, but having a rehab there to help often makes all the difference needed when trying to make a full recovery.  It is time for those addicted in Highland to rise up and make change and positive decisions in their lives, and inpatient rehabs will be there to help every step of the way.

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