All About Hemet, California

Hemet is a well-known and popular and populous city in the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County, in the state of California, in the United States.  This city actually covers a total area of 27.847 square miles, (about half of the valley all in all), which it shares with the neighboring city of San Jacinto.  The population was 78,657 at the 2010 census as reported by the recognized United States Census Bureau.

As for the history of this beautiful city, the founding of Hemet predates the formation of Riverside County.  In fact the formation of Lake Hemet helped the city to grow and stimulated agriculture in the area from as far back as the early 1900s.  The city is to this day known for being the home of The Ramona Pageant, California’s official outdoor play.  Started as it was in 1923, the play is one of the longest running outdoor plays in the United States.  Hemet has been named a Tree City USA for 20 years by the Arbor Day Foundation for its dedication to the local forest.  The city is home to the Hemet Valley Medical Center, a 320-bed general hospital and one of the city’s largest employers.  All in all, this is a city of commerce, business, and trade but it is also a major city of tourism, education, and aesthetic flares.

Drug Addiction on the Rise in Hemet

Sadly, it is indeed often the nicest and most pleasant by far areas and cities that get targeted the most by these individuals.  In truth, the issue has been getting worse and worse and worse for all those affected by it, and if something isn’t done soon the city itself will begin to experience and feel the effects of a full on drug addiction crisis and epidemic for all those afflicted and their family members, loved ones, and close friends.

The city of Hemet never really had to deal with such difficulty before.  In fact. the city used to be quite peaceful and quiet.  Now this is no longer the case.  Something must be done fast to stop the addiction before it spreads more and hopefully the issue will soon become a moot paint.

Facts and Statistic on the Issue in Hemet

All in all, the best way to understands a drug crisis is to watch it.  Listed below are facts and statistics on just how serious nationwide drug and alcohol abuse has become:

•    Alcohol use and abuse in any state in the nation is not just dry dangerous and damaging to the addict or abuser and to his or her family and close friends, but it is also an economic problem on a grander scale too.  For example, the economic cost of alcohol abuse is about $148 billion per year, including medical costs that are almost always levied on the taxpayers, lost productivity, crime, and losses resulting from premature death.

•    Only a mere forty percent of the economic costs of alcohol abuse are paid by alcohol abusers themselves or their families.  In truth, more than sixty percent of the economic costs are paid by the government, rate-payers for private health and life insurance, and victims of crime and car crashes too.  This is very much so a problem in which the cause of the problem rarely has to own up and take responsibility for such a problem.

•    It is a wise choice for those addicted to seek out help for their respective addictions.  According to The Office of National Drug Control Policy, it was easily determined that every dollar spent on treatment resulted in a $7.46 reduction in lost productivity and crime-related spending.

Rehabilitation as an Excellent Choice in Hemet

One can find freedom from any type of addiction, no matter who they are, no matter what the substance is, how much is taken, how often it is taken, or for how long it has been taken for, quite literally anyone can beat addiction if they put their minds to it.  The key is in taking a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  Rehab is not only recommended for those who are addicted in Hemet, it is actually in fact insisted upon.

Rehab can work untold wonders for those addicted in Hemet for a multitude of different reasons.  For example, when one is addicted to drugs and alcohol he or she has a chemical, physical addiction and dependence to the substances.  With detox, that issue is addressed and handled as one is begun on a ween down program that quite literally takes all of the drug and alcohol chemicals out of his or her body.  When this is done the individual can move on to rehab where he or she will get all of the counseling and therapy that he or she will need to become the master and destroyer of his or her addiction once and for all.  Thankfully, there does indeed exist answers and solutions for those addicted in Hemet.

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