Grass Valley is a lovely and pleasant city that is now desired for its pleasant countryside and rural appeal.  The city of Grass Valley is actually the largest city in the western region of Nevada County, in the state of California, in the United States. Situated at roughly 2,500 feet elevation in the western foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range, this historic northern Gold Country city is actually located about 57 miles by car from the state capitol in Sacramento, 64 miles from Sacramento International Airport, 88 miles west of Reno, Nevada, and 177 miles northeast of San Jose, California.  The city does wonders by being able to provide pleasant, rural living while still providing residents with a relatively easy commute to major cities. As of the 2010 United States Census Bureau’s proclamation, its population was 12,860 all told.

Grass Valley is Faced with an Addiction Crisis

These days Grass Valley has sadly fallen under the effects of a very serious and very dangerous drug and alcohol addiction crisis and problem.  This city has attracted a pretty severe amount of interest from drug dealers and traffickers from other major cities.  Grass Valley is a pleasant, middle class to upper middle class city and that has meant bad news for them.  Drug dealers from bigger cities like Yuba City and Sacramento have placed their eyes on wealthier cities in rural areas.  The truly unfortunate aspect to this is that small, rural cities like Grass Valley have little to no experience with problems like this, so when drugs come into their cities and are being abused by the local youth population, the city is left in shock on how to address the problem.

Statistics on Addiction Issues in California

There really is a huge drug addiction problem in California.  This is a state that has experienced significant increases in addiction problems on multiple different fronts.  Prescription drug abuse, heroin abuse, meth abuse, alcohol abuse, and marijuana abuse is all on the rise here.  For example:

• In the year of 2013, marijuana was the most commonly used illicit drug, with no less than 19.8 million current (past month) users. It was used by a staggering 80.6 percent of current illicit drug users. Nearly two thirds (64.7 percent) of current illicit drug users used only marijuana in the past month.

• The total number and overall percentage of the current non-medical users of tranquilizers in the year of 2013 (1.7 million or 0.6 percent) were lower than the estimates in the year of 2012 (2.1 million or 0.8 percent).  The estimates jumped to 4 million in 2015.

• The total number and percentage of persons of the age of 12 or older who were current and non-medical users of stimulants in 2013 (1.4 million or 0.5 percent) were similar to those in 2012 (1.2 million or 0.5 percent), but were higher than the estimates in 2011 (970,000 or 0.4 percent).  Stimulants are on the rise, with little likelihood of them going back down, especially with young adults.

• The numbers and overall percentages of persons of the age of 12 or older who were current users of hallucinogens in the year of 2013 (1.3 million or 0.5 percent) were similar to those in the year of 2012 (1.1 million or 0.4 percent) but were higher than in 2011 (1.0 million or 0.4 percent).

Using Rehabilitation to Address the Addiction Crisis in Grass Valley

Drug and alcohol addiction has for some time now been creating dismal effects on the locals of the Grass Valley area and their family members and loved ones in general. Though Grass Valley is not a particularly large city by comparison, that does not mean it cannot accrue a significantly concerning drug problem.

Grass Valley has been met with a concerning substance abuse crisis, particularly with the young adult population of the city. These young adults have been led into the trap of addiction and are suffering greatly because of it. Prescription drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and heroin addiction alike have all made an impact on the locals of Grass Valley. Because of this, the entire society of Grass Valley and the surrounding areas has been negatively affected.

An addiction crisis is an addiction crisis. It really is a crisis, and it will continue to be a crisis until something is done about it. The key to addressing addiction in Grass Valley lies in rehabilitating all who are addicted to such substances. With inpatient treatment, any addiction problem can be effectively addressed and rehabilitated.

This more than ever is needed and necessary in Grass Valley. In fact, if nothing is done it will only get worse. Now, something actually can be done about this in the here and now in Grass Valley with effective rehabilitation in CA. With this in mind, these issues definitely do need to be addressed.

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