About the City of Glendora: A Summary of What it Has to Offer

Glendora is a lovely, popular, and growing city in Los Angeles County, in the state of California, in the United States.  The city rests just 23miles east of downtown Los Angeles. As of the 2010 census, the population of Glendora was 50,073 as reported to the nation by the United States Census Bureau.

Known as it is as the “Pride of the Foothills”, Glendora is a very, very affluent city with a diverse housing stock and a consistently high-ranking school district too.  Glendora lies within the San Gabriel Valley and it has the area code of 626.  A small portion of southeast Glendora is in the area code 909, which is the area code for areas in eastern Los Angeles County, such as Claremont, and for western San Bernardino County. The city to Glendora’s west is Azusa while San Dimas lies to Glendora’s east. Glendora has its own police force, and the town’s crime rate is very low. Glendora is often sought out because of its immensely low crime rates, extensive ranges of housing options.  This city also has a growing economy and a lot to offer to the new families that are interested in moving there.

Facts and Statistics About a Rising Drug Problem in and Around the City of Glendora

There is a drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse problem in Glendora.  There is no doubt about this. There is also no doubt that addiction is getting worse in the whole nation too.  For example:

•    Over a third, (thirty-seven percent actually), of state prisoners who had a mental health problem said they had used drugs at the time of the offense for one reason or another, compared to over a quarter, (twenty-six percent actually), of state prisoners without a mental problem of one kind or another.  This is a major issue in prisons all across the nation and in every single state.

•    Although most people don’t get the treatment they need, over a million people in 2011 received treatment for their addiction.  This is all fine and good but the sad truth remains that almost more than a million Americans become addicted to drugs and alcohol every year now, making the problem of simply keeping up with the drug problem a very serious one indeed.  Treatment needs to be encouraged on a much stronger level than it is already being done, because if it is not then the issue will only get much, much worse.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution in Glendora

Truthfully, substance abuse has been making waves across the entire state for some time now, but some states are affected more severely than others. Glendora is one of them. Ever since the turn of the century, Glendora has been experiencing very steady and very gradual increases in substance abuse throughout the city that have shown no signs of relaxing or smoothing out at all. This has become a pretty serious issue in the city, even though this city is not a huge one. The force of drug and alcohol addiction is felt in any city no matter how large, and the issue in Glendora is certainly a severe one to say the least.

What can be done when an addiction nightmare is as strong as the one is in Glendora? What types of efforts can be applied to reduce such a terrible epidemic? Many different preventative measures and efforts have been put into place in Glendora, but these have at the very best just slowed down the gradual spread of substance abuse and drug addiction, and in some cases have had little to no effect at all.

This is where drug and alcohol addiction and dependence rehabilitation programs, treatment centers, detoxification facilities, and recovery organizations come into play. With the help of inpatient rehabilitation in California, addiction can be fully eradicated in any given individual. To date, inpatient rehabilitation has been found to be the only truly successful and lasting form of addiction recovery in the nation.

This is exactly the type of help that is needed in Glendora. With the help of a rehabilitation program, one who is addicted in Glendora will experience:

1.    A full and complete detoxification facility. In detox, one will have access to all of the medical and holistic approaches both that are necessary to fully and completely rid one of any and all aspects of chemical dependence to drugs or alcohol. It is this step that cures the individual of physical addiction to drugs and alcohol.

2.    A complete and fully covering course through rehabilitation tools and techniques. With the actual rehabilitation program itself, one finally addresses mental addiction, the true aspect of addiction that makes up about 80% of one’s complete addiction crisis. With the rehabilitation program itself, one will be able to experience all of the counseling, therapy, one-on-one sessions, group sessions, electives, life skills, coping strategies, and relapse prevention needed to actually get down to the bottom of one’s addiction nightmare and destroy it once and for all.

3.    A complete and lasting aftercare program. Though it is incredibly powerful and effective, inpatient rehabilitation still is only the first step in a long journey of substance abuse recovery.  An aftercare program is necessary to make sure that one continues through his or her recovery after rehabilitation is complete and avoids a relapse. This service is also provided at inpatient rehabilitation programs. With the use of aftercare, one’s chances of a relapse are literally cut in half.

These tools and more are what is provided at an inpatient rehabilitation center. It is these services that are what is absolutely needed to successfully address the addiction nightmare in Glendora. It is time for those who are addicted in Glendora to shed their nightmarish shackles of addiction and make true and positive changes in their lives through rehabilitation.

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