About the City of Gilroy, California

Gilroy is the southernmost city in Santa Clara County, in the state of California, in the United States. The city’s population was 48,821 at the 2010 United States Census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Gilroy is actually very well known for its garlic crop and for the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, featuring various garlicky foods, including garlic ice cream. Gilroy also produces a large amount of mushrooms in considerable quantity and splendor.  Gilroy’s nickname is “Garlic Capital of the World”.  Boutique wine production is a large part of Gilroy’s western portion, mostly consisting of family estates around the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the west.  The city’s culture and fine agricultural background has also made it a major tourist destination.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction on the Rise in Gilroy and Across the Nation

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse is on its way up in a big way in the United States.  The problem has been growing a lot lately and more and more Americans have been going to rehab centers as a result.  This is stellar but the addiction problem has to start going down.  For example:

•    Over a staggering thirty percent of those who received treatment in the year of 2011 reported using public or private health insurance to pay for such treatment.  This was beneficial to say the least, and it is important that more rehab centers begin to accept private health insurance to pay for such rehab program and activities.  Many addicts cannot afford to pay out of pocket for their rehabilitation, so they rely on their health insurance to pay for it for them.

•    There are several different types of drugs that are more obscure but are still abused a lot.  Hallucinogens include a variety of substances including but not limited to: LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), and mescaline.  Inhalants range from household products to medical anesthetics. These substances aren’t as commonly abused as other substances, but there still is a large underground support for these drugs and they still have a very high potential for dependence.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution for Addiction in Gilroy and in the Nation

For some time now there has been quite a lot of pondering about the concerning increase in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in and around Gilroy. It is of no news to anyone that these trends are increasing in popularity as any local resident will say. The real question now lies in how to correct and rectify the growing substance abuse problem.

For those addicted in Gilroy the best way to obtain a lifetime recovery and permanent structure of sobriety is in going to a full and complete inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. These types of programs offer the most help and can essentially guarantee one’s success and higher level of sober living. There are three main factors that make these program so successful and they are as follows:

1.    Detoxification. When an individual is addicted to drugs and alcohol in Gilroy, the first thing that needs to be addressed during the course of his stay at a rehabilitation center is his or her actual chemical and physical dependence to the substances that he or she is addicted to. This is what detoxification does for the person. At a rehab center, one will be fully and completely brought down off of whatever substances are in his or her body when he or she arrived. Detoxification is safe and comfortable and effective and essentially eradicates chemical dependence in the individual. This is highly beneficial because after this process is completed one will no longer feel cravings to take drugs or drink alcohol.

2.    The next major step is the actual rehabilitation program itself. This varies program to program but for those addicted in Gilroy any type of program is beneficial. At this step one will receive all of the counseling and therapy needed to address and handle all of the mental and underlying aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. This will include various tools like one on one counseling, group therapy, moral recognition therapy, life skills, coping strategies, relapse prevention, behavioral addressment, electives, outdoor activities, etc. With all of these combined, one will finally be able to go free from the mental, personal, and spiritual connection that one has to drugs and alcohol.

3.    Finally, though inpatient rehabilitation is powerful, those who are heavily addicted enough in Gilroy will need something more to ensure their permanent recovery. This is found in aftercare program. Many rehab programs offer such aftercare sessions, and these would be classes and counseling sessions that one would attend after the actual inpatient side of the program is completed. With the help of aftercare, one can continue to work on one’s recovery from an exterior point while also being able to go back to work and pursue normal life activities.

Though addiction may be severe in Gilroy, it does not have to be a death sentence for those addicted. Inpatient rehabilitation programs in CA, with the three above tools and techniques, can be applied to rehabilitate those addicted. It is of the upmost importance of these goals be pursued, as the city and the surrounding areas will continue to worsen until this is done.

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