Foster City is a planned and well-designed city that is located in San Mateo County, in the state of California, in the United States. As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city had a total population of 30,567 all in all. Foster City is sometimes considered to be part of Silicon Valley for its local industry and its proximity to Silicon Valley cities too.  Around the year of 1993 Visa Inc. began consolidating various scattered offices in San Mateo, California to a location in Foster City, making for what would become a major business sector in the once peaceful, residential, and quiet city.  Visa’s headquarters are now in Foster City, and Visa became Foster City’s largest employer.

As for aspects of the city that make it stand out, Forbes ranked Foster City #10 on their 2009 list of America’s Top 25 Towns to Live Well. Money has also recognized Foster City multiple times as one of the Best Places to Live.  Foster City boasts 24 parks that occupy more than 200 acres, including many public tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, basketball courts, and rollerblading/biking trails along the San Francisco Bay, making the area very popular and desired.  Foster City has more parks per capita than any other city in California actually.

As for its history, Foster City was founded in the 1960s on engineered landfill in the marshes of the San Francisco Bay, on the east edge of San Mateo. The city was named after T. Jack Foster, a real estate magnate who owned much of the land comprising the city and who was instrumental in its initial design and construction. His successor firm, Foster Enterprises, run by his descendants, is still active in real estate affairs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and is prospering.

Drug Abuse and Addiction on the Rise in and Around Foster City, California

Sadly, there has been an upsurge in substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction in and around the Foster City area.  This is a location that has done well for itself in recent years, and there’s no doubt that its affluence and success has attracted a significant number of drug dealers, traffickers, pushers, and traders.  Since that time, substance abuse has all but taken over in certain demographics and locations of this once sleepy, mid-sized, middle class, suburban town.  The problem will only persist too unless major action is taken to prevent it.

Rehabilitation Sought as the Number One Solution for Those Addicted in and Around Foster City

A real crisis has struck Foster City and it has appeared in the form of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general. This is a problem that has been occurring here for some time now. Foster City has always had average troubles when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction but the turn of the century saw a very large spike in such difficulties in Foster City. There has been a lot of concern and confusion as to how this came about but the biggest fear and worry is how to get rid of it.

Any time a city or residential area comes down with a really nasty drug problem there is a lot of emotional response and sadness that goes along with it. This is understandable, but unfortunate because it usually prevents the area from really tackling the problem right away. This is exactly what has happened in Foster City.

The substance abuse problem here has been so severe that those there have not known what to do or how to accomplish getting rid of it or even just bringing it down a notch. Some preventative methods had been attempted by local law enforcement, but many have been so confused as to how such a medium sized and nondescript city that doesn’t really lie across any major travel lines or impose too heavily on the local demographic could possibly accrue such a devastating issue.

Truthfully, a lot of middle class midsize cities have fallen prey to substance abuse in this particular area of the state in the last decade. Rather than spending too much time trying to figure out how this happened, it’s more important to just address it and get rid of it.

The key to beating addiction in Foster City is to put everyone who is addicted in the city through inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs in CA, and recovery organizations. This is true for the best and most effective and most permanent way to address a substance abuse problem.

With inpatient rehabilitation, quite literally anyone who’s addicted to anything can win the battle against addiction once and for all. It is still not easy thing to do, even with rehab, but rehabilitation at least makes it possible. Because it’s of an inpatient and residential nature, and patients that go there are able to have address any range or severity of substance abuse problem in any individual. Certainly, now is the time for those addicted in Foster City to really make an effort to get their lives back and improve the city overall by going to these centers.

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