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Escondido is a beautiful and historic city located in San Diego County’s North County region, 30 miles northeast of Downtown San Diego, in the state of California. The city occupies a shallow valley ringed by rocky hills on several sides.  Incorporated as it was in 1888, it is one of the oldest cities in all of San Diego County and all of Northern California for that matter.  The city had a population of 143,911 as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.  Its municipal government set itself an operating budget limit of $426,289,048 for the fiscal year 2010-2011, and the city has proven itself to be an affluent and prosperous urban area.

Escondido is known for being historic and for offering much in the form of workplaces and a good economic structure.  Residents work in a range of industries in Escondido.  Out of the approximately 64,000 employed civilian residents over the age of 16, 15% work in educational, health care and social services; 13% in retail trade; 13% in construction; 12% in professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services; 11% in arts, entertainment, recreation, and accommodation and food services; 11% in manufacturing; and 11% in other services.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Taking a Toll in Escondido

Sadly, because Escondido is largely a working class town with much to offer to the average middle class, blue collar worker, the city has also recently attracted a significant amount of drug trafficking and drug dealing since the economic recession of 2008 began to force drug dealers and traffickers out of the bigger cities in more metro, urban areas.

Since 2008, drug addiction and substance abuse has taken off in Escondido, with many of the city’s residents now abusing drugs here.  The problem has largely been that of one with the young adults and youth of the city, but the problem has factually affected all age ranges and sexes.  It is feared that, if something is not done about it soon, then the problem could very well reach epidemic-level proportions.

Facts and Statistics: Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Making Waves All Across the Country

To better understand the issue in Escondido and in cities like it all across the country, some facts and statistics have been included below that shed some light on the issue overall, and these facts and statistics shed a gruesome light on the very real problem that has affected Escondido and other cities like it:

• Emergency department visits involving the non-medical use of pharmaceuticals, (either alone or in combination with another drug), increased by a staggering 98.4 percent between the years of 2004 and 2009, and from 627,291 visits to 1,244,679, respectively.  ED visits involving adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals increased by 82.9 percent between 2005 and 2009, from 1,250,377 to 2,287,273 visits, respectively.

• Approximately 32 percent, (658,263), of all drug abuse Emergency Department visits in 2009 involved the use of alcohol, either alone or in combination with another drug substance.  DAWN reports alcohol-related data when it is used alone among individuals under the age of 21 or in combination with other drugs among all groups, regardless of age.

• To shed some light on Emergency Department visits as a result of drug abuse, in 2009 DAWN estimated 519,650 ED visits related to the use of alcohol in combination with other drugs.

• In the year of 2009, 1.2 million Emergency Department visits involved the non-medical use of pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements too.  The most frequently reported drugs in the non-medical use category of ED visits were opiate/opioid analgesics, present in more than 50 percent of non-medical use ED visits; and psychotherapeutic agents, (commonly used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders), present in more than one-third of non-medical ED visits.

• The total number of drug-related ED visits increased by a saddening 81 percent from the year of 2004, (2.5 million), to 2009, (4.6 million).  ED visits involving non-medical use of pharmaceuticals increased 98.4 percent over the same period, from 627,291 overall visits to a total of 1,244,679.

Rehabilitation: How Escondido Residents are Beating Addiction Once and for All

For those afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction in Escondido, the best chance at a full recovery lies in a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse prevention program.  It is only these types of programs and facilities that can truly offer the best of services when it comes to recovering individuals from the harmful addiction that affect them to this day.  This is because only inpatient rehab centers in CA possess the necessary detoxification facilities to reduce and relieve chemical dependence and physical addiction.  Furthermore, only inpatient rehab programs also possess the rehabilitative skills to effectively address and alleviate the mental, psychological, personal, and behavioral aspects and stresses that come along with and serve to further drug addiction and substance abuse in an individual.

Drug addiction and substance abuse is certainly a daunting and disturbing element to occur in anyone.  Often times, it seems as there is no way to get out of it, and that, once addicted, one will be addicted forever.  This is not the case though, and it never has been.  Anyone can beat addiction once and for all should they put their mind to it and recovery is available to any who reach for it.  For the residents of Escondido who are so afflicted, the answer to their troubles lies in a course through an inpatient rehab program.

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