About the City of Encinitas: The Area in Review and in Summary

Encinitas is a lovely and popular beach city in the North County area of San Diego County, in the state of California, in the United States.  Located as it is within Southern California, it is only approximately 25 miles north of San Diego and just about 95 miles south of Los Angeles.  As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city had a population of 59,518 all together, up from 58,014 at the 2000 census.  The city is known for its unique, single, largest single industry in the city being the growing of ornamental flowers, particularly poinsettias.

As for its history and its economy, since the year of 1982 the Encinitas 101 Main Street Association has helped keep downtown Encinitas economically viable yet historic & beachy too.  Downtown Encinitas is very, very vibrant and full of thriving local salons, restaurants, shops, bars, and art galleries too.  Downtown Encinitas has for a long time been home to Hansens Surf Shop, also known as San Diego’s oldest and largest shop.  The iconic surf shop opened in 1961 and occupies over 20,00 square feet of retail space all in all.  To add to the strength of the economy of this mid-sized California town, Amtrak has a station in Downtown Encinitas which is also home to the infamous Farmer’s Market too.  Each Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm the parking lot is host to over 40 vendors selling fresh produce, cheeses, specialty meats, breads, spices, etc., which attracts visitors and tourists every year.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Substance Abuse on the Rise in Encinitas

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general have begun to make a pretty big impact on the local residents and individuals of Encinitas.  Since the turn of the century in fact this city has attracted a significant spike in the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Many other cities like Encinitas all across the nation have also experienced similar spikes as a result of the middle class and the upper middle class being targeted more in this respect and in this way.  If something is not done soon to correct this it is feared that the issue will in a large way take over completely, making it important to be able to recognize the signs of addiction.

Facts and Statistics: Real Information on Increasing Drug Trends in the Nation

To have a better grasp of just how serious substance abuse is in the United States today, some facts and statistics have been included below:

•    In the United States alone, cocaine itself continues to become more and more popular in spite of the many types of advances made in synthetic drugs and in the inceptions of newer and more impressive drugs too.  The Drug Abuse Warning Network, (DAWN), reported heavy cocaine abusers coming into hospital emergency departments for and addiction crisis.  For example, there were a resounding and essentially staggering 448,481 emergency department visits involving cocaine alone reported in the year of 2005, even though there are far more drugs to be abused now than there were when cocaine made a name for itself in the early 1960s.

•    Crack cocaine is actually the newest and most popular way to abuse cocaine.  Crack cocaine abuse has spiraled out of control in the United States now, and is actually now rivaling the crystal meth epidemic.  For example, crack cocaine was actually the primary drug of choice in 178,475 admissions to treatment in the year 2006.  This high number represented over a massive seventy percent of all primary cocaine admissions to treatment in that year, making crack cocaine far more popular than powder cocaine truthfully.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Final Solution

The truth of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction has begun to make a very serious impact on the residents of Encinitas and the surrounding areas around it too. This has been an issue that has been growing and has been getting steadily worse for the last several years. It is now feared that, if something isn’t done soon to prevent it, the issue will only get worse and worse.
In Encinitas, those who have been affected the most are the young adults of the area and the working class of the area too. These demographics have been the ones who have gotten addicted to drugs and alcohol the most, and it is these individuals who suffer the most too. It is high time that a powerful solution is found for those addicted in and around Encinitas.

This is where taking a course through a full and complete inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization comes into play. With the help of such a program, it is now possible for anyone who is addicted to anything in or around Encinitas to be able to experience a full and complete recovery program that will completely eradicate addiction for them. With the help of inpatient rehabilitation, those addicted in Encinitas will first have access to a full and complete detoxification facility where-in they can beat the aspects of chemical dependence and physical addiction once and for all. Once this is completed, those addicted in Encinitas will also have access to a full and complete rehabilitation program in California where-in one will have access to all of the counseling and therapy and group sessions and electives needed to address addiction from a mental and spiritual aspect.

With a combination of these two therapies, it is now possible for anyone who is addicted in Encinitas to be able to experience all of the beneficial aspects of rehabilitation and to finally be able to lead the life of the sober and responsible adult once and for all. It is absolutely necessary that those addicted in Encinitas seek out such a program because the consequences in Encinitas will be dire in the very near future indeed if they do not.

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