El Segundo is a city in Los Angeles County, in the state of California, in the United States of America.  The name El Segundo, translated from Spanish literally means “The Second”.  Located as it is on the Santa Monica Bay, it was incorporated into a legitimate city on January the 18th, 1917, and it became part of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments at that same time. The population ranked in at 16,654 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 16,033 at the previous 2000 census.

El Segundo has a strong economy that has been flourishing for years.  The city has many aviation-related and petroleum-related industries and operations too.  In the year of 2006, El Segundo won an Eddy award for being the most business-friendly city in all of L.A. County.

As for the history of the city, in the year of 1928 William Mines, an immigrant from the country of Canada, leased land for a flying field, which began the aviation industry in this area.  In the year of 1930, Los Angeles Municipal Airport opened north of El Segundo and its presence further led to the concentration of aerospace and aviation-related firms in the El Segundo area, boosting the city’s economy and leading to stable and expansive growth for decades.

Drug Addiction in El Segundo

Drug and alcohol addiction in El Segundo came on the coattails of the economic recession of 2008.  This city was very economically well off prior to this recession, but as the aviation industry is the city’s number one source of revenue, and as this industry was one of the ones that was so severely hit during that recession, times got pretty bad for El Segundo and they stayed bad for several years.

In this time, as is the case for struggling cities, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction entered in and stayed in.  Unfortunately, this has a very devastating effect on the locals in the city as, not only had this never really been a problem for the city, but it was by and large the middle class, working class 20’s to 30’s demographic that got hit the hardest.  This resulted in a further degradation of the city’s economy, which resulted in more and more trouble for the city.  Sure enough, El Segundo had a stage set for a dwindling spiral of the very worst kind.

Effective Solutions for El Segundo

A lot of people in El Segundo are worried about how they should go about bringing up addiction with their loved one.  This can be tense and hard to do indeed, but it must be done if something is to be done about the crisis of addiction that is occurring in the person’s life.

Following a few simple guidelines will help you have a discussion with your family member or loved one:

1. Don’t ever bring up the subject of substance abuse with the person when the person is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  This is a major bad plan when people do this.  When people are high or are under the influence, they are less able to understand logic and are more likely to be impatient, dismissive, angry and blaming, and possibly even violent too. Some people have poor impulse control and may act irrationally or violently if the subject is brought up while he or she is under the influence of a substance; they might really lash out at you.

2. Don’t be under the influence of substances yourself when you talk to your loved one, and don’t ever drink or do drugs around them.  In fact, don’t drink or do drugs at all so they can look up to you as a role model.

3. Establish when is a time to talk when the two of you can have more than a few minutes alone.  It’s best to schedule this out so your loved one is not surprised or feels threatened.  Your goal in this endeavor is to have a nice dialogue, a two-way conversation of sorts in which you can state your concerns and understand the person’s perception of the situation and where they are coming from and how they feel about the situation. Ask the person if you can set a time to speak in the next few days to discuss something that is on your mind.

4. When you meet with your family member or loved one, tell them that you care for him or her.  Really focus on the care factor, and emphasize that it’s this concern for their well-being that has led you to have this conversation and to want to discuss these issues.

5. List out the different behaviors that you’ve observed that you are concerned about.

6. Make it a two person conversation and get your loved one talking about it.  Ask questions.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to get your loved one into a rehab center in CA so that he or she can get help with addressing his or her addiction.  This is not always easy to do, but the first step is to talk to them, and only by talking to them can any forward progress be made.

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