The City of El Cajon in Review and in Summary

El Cajon is a mid-sized city in San Diego County, California, in the United States.  Nestled as it is in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, the city has acquired the nickname of “The Big Box”.  Coincidentally, its name originated similarly from the Spanish phrase “el cajón”, which means “the box” or “the drawer.”

El Cajon is undoubtedly one of the region’s premiere locations in which to live, work, and recreate.  As the fifth largest city in all of San Diego County, El Cajon boasts a very diverse and vibrant community for all involved.  With very, very safe, aesthetic, and attractive residential neighborhoods, parks, libraries and other amenities, award-winning schools, and a quality of life that is not only unique but is also highly sought, El Cajon is a shining example of exceptional municipal service.  El Cajon is a full service City as well, with first-class police and fire departments both.  Without a doubt, this is a city that takes care of its residents and its visitors as well.

El Cajon has a great economy too.  The overall vibrancy and excitement that is carried forward on the backs of all who live, work, and visit El Cajon is evident in the dynamic business environment that surrounds the city.  El Cajon is home to both global and nationally known corporations too such as Taylor Guitars, the premier guitar manufacturing company in the entire world.  The city of El Cajon also has a long-time retail mall, Parkway Plaza, and 14 automotive dealerships in town, (The Valley of Cars), including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus both.  In a lot of ways, individuals will travel many miles just to shop in El Cajon.

Drug Addiction and Substance Hits Hard in the City of El Cajon

Unfortunately, it is often the cities that are the most successful, the cities with the greatest economies, and the cities that have the most prosperity that are targeted first in a relatively never-ending outward expansion of drug trafficking and dealing all across the nation.  Sadly, this has been the case without a doubt with the city El Cajon.  This city never really had a problem with drug abuse and trafficking until very recently.  In fact, the city never really had a problem with alcohol abuse and addiction either, until the drug issue became a serious one around the turn of the century.

Now, El Cajon rates drugs as one of the biggest concerns of the city with more and more young adults and grown adults in the city alike becoming addicted.  Heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, and marijuana are the most commonly used and abused, but others are making headway too.  If something isn’t done soon about the issue, it is feared that it will only get worse and worse for all of those who are afflicted and addicted.

Facts and Statistics: Key Insight to the U.S. Drug Problem

To better understands this crisis as it stands today, some facts and statistics have been included below that show some insight into just how serious of an issue this is in the United States, and how it compares to that of drug and alcohol abuse in other countries:

• Not only is the United States the most addicted nation in the world, it is also the nation that spends the most money on trying to get to the bottom of addiction, though these efforts have not been with as much success as quickly as would have been hoped.  True enough though, The National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), is the entire world’s largest funder of research on psychoactive drugs and addiction and dependence.  For example, in the fiscal year of 2012, NIDA’s budget was $1.05 billion.  Also, the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, NIAAA), had a 2012 budget of $459 million.

• The latest figures published last year from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), show a rate of nine percent of Americans over the age of twelve using drugs in the past year, including both just the abuse of them and dependence to them.  This is much higher than other countries.

Rehabilitation: How El Cajon Residents are Winning the Battle Against Addiction Once and for All

Fortunately, addiction can be beaten once and for all.  In El Cajon, individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are finding recovery for their addicts with the help of inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, recovery organizations, and rehabilitation programs.  With these types of programs, the services that are offered at them are so extensive and involved that literally anyone can get help for an addiction and can go free from it.

The idea behind rehabilitation at an inpatient center is to cover all the bases.  For those addicted in El Cajon addiction is falling by the wayside because inpatient rehab centers simply address every single aspect of addiction once and for all.  Thankfully, addiction does not have to be the end of the line for such afflicted residents, and in fact rehabilitation can be sought out for all who are addicted.

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