About the City of Davis, California

Davis is a pleasant city in the U.S. state of California and the most populous city in Yolo County. It had a population of 65,622 in 2010 as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, not including the on-campus population of the University of California, Davis, which was 5,786.  Davis is a pleasant and quiet suburban town that is visited regularly by tourists.  The city acts as a commuter city and bedroom community, but there are also lots of affluent businesses within the city too.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse on the Rise in Davis, California

Sadly, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and addiction, in general, have skyrocketed in Davis.  This is a city that, prior to the turn of the century has simply average or below average substance abuse issues.  Now it has far above average substance abuse issues.  If something is not done soon to address and eradicate the addiction problem, it will grow to become an actual epidemic.

Facts and Statistics: The Truth of the Issue

To better understand the addiction crisis in Davis as it pertains to adolescent substance abuse, some facts and statistics have been included on it below:

•    Truthfully, the kids who do make it a point to actually learn a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to fifty percent less likely to use drugs, yet only 37% report getting that actual benefit, (Partnership Attitude Tracking Study 2008).  This once again proves that knowledge truly does increase one’s abilities in life and knowledge truly does help a lot in this particular area and sector.

•    Studies show that parents who do actually intervene early with their child’s drug or alcohol use can help significantly reduce the likelihood that they will become addicted, or suffer long-term negative consequences.  This is also true of any real addiction crisis really.  For those addicted and struggling, the key to beating the habit and winning out against addiction lies in them taking a course through a rehab program, but if the addiction is not yet a bad one then it is very likely that their parents will be able to stop it on their own.

Rehabilitation: How to Beat Addiction in Davis

For over a decade drug and alcohol addiction have been having a very severe effect on the residents of Davis. The devastating consequence of excessive drug and alcohol addiction there has manifested itself in many different ways.

For example, the number of people who have overdosed and died from drug and alcohol abuse in Davis has more than quadrupled in the last decade alone. Since the turn of the century, the average age a resident is at the first time use of drugs in Davis has changed from about 22 or 23 in the year 2002 to 16 in the year 2014.  Finally, simply the sheer number of residents in Davis who are abusing drugs and alcohol has gone up drastically. In the early 2000’s, roughly one out of every 25 residents could admit to having a valid substance abuse problem. Now about one out of every eight residents have a legitimate addiction crisis of some kind. Truthfully this isn’t the only aspect to be affected by addiction. In fact, the entire United States is currently struggling with its worst ever substance abuse epidemic that it has ever seen as a nation.

More and more Americans all across the country are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and more and more Americans are dying from their addictions and are having other addiction-related struggles.  The truth of the matter is though that, some places struggle with this crisis more so than others, and the United States is one that has been struggling quite heavily of late. With a combination of increased trafficking and dealing of drugs within the city and a strong increase in overall alcohol abuse too, Davis is truly headed on a dwindling spiral unless something is done about it soon on a community-wide scale.

This is where inpatient, residential, drug, and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations come into play. It is these types of evidence-based treatment programs and only these types of programs that can offer true and complete sobriety and recovery that lasts a lifetime for those addicted in Davis.  Addiction is a multifaceted, very complicated, and very deeply set affliction for anyone to have.

For those addicted in Davis, it is made all the worse because of the very highly addictive and deadly types of drugs that they are abusing there. Inpatient rehabilitation programs can save them, though. Inpatient rehab are the only types of programs that offer extensive and effective enough of services to address and eradicate all of the physical and mental effects of drug and alcohol addiction both.

Inpatient rehabilitation centers apply very successful and very extensive and intricate inpatient, medical, properly staffed and licensed detoxification techniques to fully handle physical dependence to drugs and alcohol. Inpatient rehab programs also offer a wide range and plethora of one-on-one counseling techniques, holistic approaches, group therapy, electives, coping strategies, relapse prevention, and aftercare options. With all of these tools in full use and application, quite literally anyone who is addicted to anything in Davis can finally achieve sobriety and it is now being highly recommend that anyone who is addicted in the U.S. to seek out inpatient rehabilitation as soon as is possible.

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