Dana Point is a lovely and pleasant and very well-known city located right in southern Orange County, in the state of California, in the United States of America.  The population of the city was 33,351 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.  It has easily one of the few harbors along the Orange County coast, and with ready access via State Route 1, it is a popular local destination for surfing and for surf culture.

Dana Point has a powerful history that captures the minds of those who visit there and those who live there.  The city itself was named after the infamous headland of Dana Point, which was in turn named after Richard Henry Dana, Jr., author of Two Years Before the Mast, which included a description of the area that really put it on the map nationwide.  Dana described the locale, including neighboring San Juan Capistrano, as,” the only romantic spot on the coast”.  Although Dana described the anchorage as poor, it is now a developed harbor and contains a replica of his ship, the Pilgrim.  The Pilgrim is used as a classroom by the Ocean Institute, which is located at the harbor. This area is designated California Historical Landmark #189.

Dana Point is a city of culture and history, and this has led to a strong center of tourism in the area, which has, in turn, created a powerful economy here.  Without a doubt, though this city is small it is certainly thriving and affluent.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Cruel Plague that Affects Many American Towns

Dana Point, for all the good that follows this city, has not escaped the rising drug and alcohol abuse problems that have certainly created a heavy impact on the city.  This is an area that has suffered time and time again with substance abuse and addiction and will probably continue to suffer if nothing is done to address these issues.

It’s not just Dana Point that suffers, though.  There are drug problems all across the nation that have been cropping up time and time again as the years have gone by.  What to do about them is a question that has been on everyone’s minds, but first, they must be properly understood. Listed below are some facts and statistics on just how serious this issue really is:

• Recently a lot of trouble has been caused by the phenomena of young adults abusing drugs and alcohol. This has been ongoing situation since the turn of the century and has caused much trouble and strife. Young adults are a lot more likely to die from substance abuse than older adults are, as they take much higher risks when they abuse drugs than older adults do.

• Drug and alcohol addiction is a scourge that affects us all. True enough, if we do not know someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol then we are indirectly affected by them by their abuses costing the nation hundreds of billions of dollars every single year. In fact, alcohol abuse costs the nation about 220 billion every year, drug abuse cost about hundred 90 billion, and tobacco cost the nation about 230 billion. Most of this is exerted upon the American taxpayer.

• When a drug or alcohol addict is not actively abusing drugs and alcohol then he or she is looking for drugs or alcohol or ways to get them. This means that it is very difficult for substance abusers to hold a job, it is also very tricky for them to get educated and stay stable in life in general.

The Key to Beating Addiction in Dana Point and the Nation

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that substance abuse and addiction has made a strong and quite terrible impact on the residents of Dana Point.  This has been an ongoing issue that has trapped many individuals in its clutches time and time again.  The effect has been severe and gut-wrenching, to say the least, and there is no doubt about it, substance abuse is a very real and very current problem.

The key to blasting away this problem lies in all those who are addicted going through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  This is the true key to beating substance abuse in this area and it has been for some time now.  If something is not done to take effective action across this arena soon then the problem will only get worse, and this is why it is so necessary to get this issue handled now

With rehab, drug and alcohol addiction melts away.  In Dana Point, proper rehabilitation of those addicted and afflicted will surely make all of the difference in the world.  If all who are addicted here go through such rehabilitation then the city actually stands a chance at improving itself on a very real and on a very massive scale.  This is exactly what is needed in Dana Point and it is needed now.

Now is the time for the addicted residents who live in or around Dana Point to shed the shackles of their addictions and to reach out for something new, powerful, game-changing, and life-altering.  This is where rehabilitation comes in.  With rehab, this problem will certainly become a thing of the past.

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