About the City of Daly: The City in Review, in Summary, and Highlighted

Daly City is by far the largest city in all of San Mateo County, California, in the United States.  The city has an estimated 2014 population of 106,094.  Located immediately south of San Francisco and just a short drive from there, the city is historically named in honor of businessman and landowner John Daly himself.

Since the year 1934, the Daly City Parks and Recreation Department has been serving Daly City and other neighboring cities.  This is perhaps what the city is best known for, and is probably why the city receives so many guests, visitors, and tourists each and every year.  Today, the Department offers over 259 classes, sponsors adult, teen, and youth athletic leagues, aquatic programs, gymnastics, youth and teen services as well as a comprehensive senior adult program, park maintenance, hall rentals, special events and more.  The city has a comprehensive and elaborate parks system with dozens of parks, small ponds, golf courses, jogging paths, dog parks, sports complexes, and more.  Without a doubt, Daly City is the ideal place to be for the active-minded.

Daly City is central and major to two of the Bay Area’s major job growth zones of San Francisco and San Mateo counties, and the city also has become a regional hub for retail, healthcare and small business alike.  Because of its central and very ideal location, diversified economy, excellent transportation links, and a growing young and productive labor force, Daly City’s future for economic growth is bright and has already proven to be quite impressive.

Daly City rests approximately just a mere eight miles south of downtown San Francisco and the San Francisco International Airport is just nine miles from the City too; both are easily accessible by freeway or BART.  Daly City’s location means that residents can live there without having to pay San Francisco prices, and the job market and real estate market in the city has grown considerably as a result of this.  Without a doubt, this is a city that is very much so on its way up.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse: The One Thing that is Hampering the Growth of Daly City

Sadly, all is not one-hundred percent peaches and cream in Daly City.  Like any other city, Daly City does have a dark side too, and for this city, as is the case with many other California cities right now, this dark side exists mainly in the form of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse.  As Daly City has only recently begun to expand and really take off, drug addiction and substance abuse is a relatively new thing here.  It is sad certainly but the truth remains that this city has recently come under a major sway from drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse.

Heroin, opiate prescription pain pills, cocaine, meth, and marijuana have all created grievances, addiction, and troubles in the city of Daly City.  It is feared that, if something is not done to rectify or at least slow down this issue, then the problem really will get out of hand for all concerned.

Facts and Statistics: Drug Addiction in the United States Compared to Other Countries

Unfortunately, drug addiction and substance abuse is a major issue in the United States today.  Daly City is only one example, and in fact, many other cities like it and many other cities that are much bigger and much smaller too are also being heavily affected.  Surely, the issue has only been a major one since the turn of the century, but if something isn’t done soon then the issue will undoubtedly blow up to the point of being incredibly dangerous and serious for all residents.  To gain some comprehension as to how serious the issue in the United States is as compared to other countries, some facts have been included below that are relevant to the issue:

• America imprisons far more of its residents than other countries do, and almost always it’s for something having to do with drugs or alcohol.  For example, per capita, the tiny and uniquely governed island nation of the Seychelles has matched America’s incredibly high rate of 707 prisoners per 100,000 members of the population but the U.S. are still far ahead of other countries like the U.K., at 149, and the Netherlands, at only 75.

• Americans abuse opiate pain relievers more so than any other country on the planet.  Canada, for example, has one of the highest rates of opiate pain reliever drug abuse in the world, with an annual prevalence of prescription opioid misuse of one percent of the population.  However, the rate for the U.S. is just over five times that, despite our much lower levels of actual medical use of the covert products.

Rehabilitation: How Daly City can Go Free from Addiction Once and for All

Thankfully, there does exist one great way to win the battle against addiction once and for all should one put his or her mind to the task.  This, of course, lies in a course through an inpatient residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, detox facility, and recovery organization.  With rehab, anyone who is addicted to anything will be able to win the battle against addiction once and for all thanks to the wide plethora of tools, techniques, counseling methods, and rehabilitative technologies offered and used at rehab centers.

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