Corte Madera is one of the nicest, wealthiest, and best run small cities in rural California.  Corte Madera is an incorporated small town in Marin County, in the state of California, in the United States of America, and it has gained recognition for a lot of different notable occurrences. Corte Madera is located just 3.25 miles south of the much bigger city of San Rafael at an elevation of only about 39 feet above sea level.  The population was 9,253 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Corte Madera is a city of culture and history.  In Spanish, Corte Madera means to literally, “chop wood”, as in “To chop the wood”. In fact, holding true to its namesake, the area was famous for producing lumber out of redwood trees which went into the construction of the city of San Francisco many, many decades ago.  The city has held on to its culture and its history for generations and that is part of what has made the city of Corte Madera so successful and popular.

Corte Madera is also known for its businesses and its strong economy.  For example, Restoration Hardware and Il Fornaio are headquartered in Corte Madera and boost the economy quite a bit.  Furthermore, the Village at Corte Madera and Town Center at Corte Madera are the local serving shopping malls and they earn the city quite a bit of revenue every single year.

Corte Madera also acts as a major tourist town for that area of California.  The Old Corte Madera Town Square, surrounding Piccolo Pavilion, is home to many different historic buildings as well as local shops including hair salons, consignment stores, art classrooms, and Swedish textile products to name just a few.

Corte Madera is a pretty significant upper-middle-class city.  The median income for a household in the town was $79,839, and the median income for a family ranked in at $95,471. Males had a median income of $70,968 versus only $50,380 for females.  Still, though, this is quite an economically affluent city and it has been for some time.  In fact, Corte Madera is one of the richest towns in Marin.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Sadly, sometimes it is the successful and the affluent cities and towns that attract the worst of the drug and alcohol addiction problems.  Why?  Because these cities and towns can actually afford drugs and alcohol, unlike poorer towns that are usually thought of when one mentions drug abuse in a city.

Truly, the drug and alcohol abuse problem are on a whole new level in Corte Madera.  This is nothing new for the state of California as a whole as the entire city has been suffering from major drug and alcohol addiction problems in small towns and isolated, middle-class rural cities, bedroom communities, and suburbs.  All in all, this is now a major problem for not only Corte Madera but also for the entire state of California.

Facts and Statistics

Heroin is the biggest problem in Corte Madera, partially because California is experiencing a massive surge in heroin abuse and addiction and partially because Corte Madera young adults can actually afford heroin.  For some statistics on this issue:

• The CDC says that males, non-Hispanic whites, 18- to 25-year-olds and people living in small, upper middle-class cities and towns and areas are easily at the most risk for heroin addiction, which covers most of the entire U.S. now (especially in California).

• Heroin addiction now spans all ages, races, genders, incomes, insurance statuses and locations too, whereas before the turn of the century it used to be much more localized to urban and metropolitan areas.

• The average user and abuser of heroin has changed drastically in the last decade alone, and not for the better either.  For example, in the year 2000, black Americans aged 45-64 had the highest death rate for drug poisoning involving heroin by far. Now, white people aged 18-44 have the highest rate of abuse, especially on the West coast.

• The share of people who say they have used heroin in the past year is actually decreasing for non-whites in fact. Heroin has taken hold of the white suburbs, middle class and upper-middle class which has prompted more attention for what is now being called a major and drastic “health problem.” It is particularly concerning too since the age most affected are young adults and young males specifically.

Utilizing Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are a major crisis in Corte Madera now, and the need for inpatient, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations has never been greater in fact.  Now more than ever this city needs rehab and it needs it badly.  With effective rehab, the heroin problem and other addiction problems in Corte Madera can finally fall by the wayside.

It’s not easy to beat addiction but it can be done with rehabilitation.  Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and very often fatal thing, but inpatient rehabilitation centers can take the addicts of Corte Madera and help them get back on their feet, detox them, rehabilitate them, and get them back out into the workforce.  With this kind of help, addiction falls away and the city becomes rehabilitated.

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