Coronado, also mistakenly and inaccurately known since the 1980’s as Coronado Island, is a resort city located in San Diego County, in the state of California, in the United States of America, across and around San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego.  Its population was 24,697 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 24,100 at the 2000 census. It is part of the San Diego-Carlsbad, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area. Coronado lies on the geographic combination of an island and a tombolo connected to the mainland called the Silver Strand.  Its geography is quite unique, and this is probably why so much interest has been shown in this city over the years.

Coronado is a tied island, connected by a tombolo. In 2012, Dr. Stephen Leatherman, Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research, ranked Coronado Beach as the best beach in the United States of them all.  This recognition brought even more fame and interest to the city of Coronado, and the city’s population and economic success has soared since then.

Coronado is Spanish for “crowned one”, and thus it is nicknamed The Crown City. Three ships of the United States Navy have been named after the city, including the USS Coronado (LCS-4).  The city offers lots of interesting tourism benefits as well as many different types of research opportunities and business capabilities alike.  All in all, the city has made big changes and big progresses throughout the decades, and now the city is recognized as one of the most desirable in the state.

Coronado Falls Prey to Substance Abuse Problems

Like many other cities all across the nation, Coronado also to a degree has fallen prey to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  In some ways, the wealth and economic prosperity of this city has actually precipitated this condition, with more wealth and money in the city equating to more money to be spent on drugs and alcohols.

Many of the young adults of this city have fallen prey to addiction problems, and many more will fall if nothing is done about it.  Substance abuse is also becoming a big problem all across the nation too, and not just in California.  For example:

Opiate addiction has become a global epidemic that affects all nations in reality.  True, the United States is affected the most when it comes to opiates by far, with the U.S. being hit hardest by all types of opiate drugs, but other countries like France, Iran, Afghanistan, and Brazil suffer greatly from this problem as well.  To shed some light on this, it is estimated that a full thirteen and a half million people in the world abuse opioids (or opium-like substances), including over nine million alone who use heroin alone.  The United States, though, which only makes up five percent of the world’s population, uses about twenty percent of the world’s heroin.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution for Addiction Problems

Substance abuse creates powerful and negative effects no matter where it goes and no matter who it affects.  The condition is a very real one and it is dangerous and deadly, to say the least.  Furthermore, the issue in only exacerbated by the simple fact that once addicted in is literally next to impossible to effectively remove and eradicate the habit.  This is exactly what those who live in and around Coronado are having to live with and having to deal with and the truth of this has shown through with how rare it is for someone to be able to effectively beat addiction by themselves once it has struck.  This has made the problem in Coronado a growing one.  People become addicted, and they stay addicted.  People don’t stop abusing drugs and alcohol once they start, and then more people start abusing drugs and alcohol, and thus the problem just grows worse and worse.

This has been the lot of life in Coronado.  Since this is a small city, there are not enough law enforcement officers to keep the addiction problem at bay here, and the truth of that statement really shows through with just how severe addiction has really grown here.  True enough, Coronado has taken on a sort of a micro-epidemic when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction.

There does exist a way to beat this problem once and for all though, and it lies in getting all those who are addicted into and through inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery programs and centers.  With the help that is offered at centers like these, it actually becomes possible for the addicted residents of Coronado to be able to effectively beat their addiction habits once and for all.

Times may seem rough in Coronado and, to a certain degree, they very definitely are rough.  The local area has a lot of residents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but they don’t have to be.  This does not mean that the local residents can just fall prey to addiction left and right though.  Those addicted in this city must make a stand for sobriety, and they must enter into rehab centers and programs now before it is too late.

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