About the City of Colton

Colton.  This is a city in San Bernardino County, in the state of California, in the United States. The beautiful and expansive city is located in the Inland Empire region of the state and is approximately just fifty-seven or so miles east of Los Angeles.  The population of Colton is 52,154 according to the 2010 census, up from just 47,662 at the 2000 census.  The city has grown considerably in just a few years, partially because an economic micro-boom in the area attracted new residents left and right.

Colton was until recently the site of Colton Crossing, one of the busiest at-grade railroad crossings in the United States.  The crossing was installed in 1882 by the California Southern Railroad to cross the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks while building northward from San Diego. As a result of railroad acquisitions and mergers, this became the point at which the Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s “Southern Transcontinental Route” crossed the Union Pacific’s “Sunset Route”.  The city today has all of the pleasantries and amenities of a modern day city, but additionally, the city is also a major cultural zone and historical area too.

Facts and Statistics on Rising Addiction Issues in and Around Colton

Sadly, addiction has definitely made a name for itself in and around the city and general area of Colton.  This is a place that hasn’t always had a drug problem, but it does now.  Some facts and statistics on the drug crisis here and across the nation have been listed below:

•    Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction just keep getting worse and worse and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it unless those addicted have some access to health care.  In fact, despite the enactment of various laws and ordinances that are essentially aimed at expanding access to health care, such as various policies and changes like the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, (“The Equity Act”), and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (also known as “ACA”), of 2010, little can be done for those addicted with these policies.  This is because various long-standing prejudices still exist against addicts as there are still misunderstandings about substance abuse disorders that have prevented access to care for those who suffer from such disorders.  In the end, there often seems like there is little help for these individuals.

•    In the year of 2010, the United States as a nation spent no less than a full $28 billion to treat some forty-plus million Americans suffering from addiction.  That means that on average, each person received less than $700 for treatment.  This is pretty discouraging when the average treatment program costs roughly ten to thirty thousand dollars.  However, the United States spent lots of money on wars overseas, weapons development, and other issues that are much further from home.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers Sought Out as Solutions to an Addiction Problem

Perhaps one of the cities in the entire state that has suffered the most when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, has been Colton.  This is met with some surprise because Colton is not that big of a city.  In fact, it is a really, really small city in comparison to most of the more significant urban areas that are nearby it.  However, when looked at from a per capita basis it is still very true that drug and alcohol addiction is a pretty major and severe issue here and it has been for some time now.

Why has addiction affected this city more than others?  Why has Colton been hit hard with drug and alcohol abuse when cities nearby seem to have averaged at best if not below average drug and alcohol abuse problems?  There does exist one key issue here that has caused more drug and alcohol abuse here than has appeared in other areas nearby.  This is it:

1.    In recent years, Colton’s economy has begun to improve on a level previously unseen in other areas.  This has not been mind-numbing growth or anything like that, but there have been some significant changes in the area of Colton that have not been seen in other areas and this has been the cause of increases in substance abuse here.

2.    Why has a stronger economy made for more drug abuse and addiction in Colton though?  Since the economic recession of 2008, more and more addicts have had a tendency to pursue cities and towns with stronger economies.  What happened during the recession was that the dealers’ usual clientele, (poverty class and lower class citizens in bigger cities), could no longer afford to buy drugs or to abuse alcohol.  So instead of giving it up completely, dealers and alcohol pushers packed up and moved to cities that had growing economies, cities just like Colton.

So, it is obvious that addiction is bad in Colton, so what can be done about it?  This is an issue that needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed soon.  The fact of the matter remains that addiction cannot just be dropped away much to the disappointment of many who are addicted and their families too.  What then can be done about rampant addiction in Colton?

The key to beating addiction in Colton is with inpatient rehabilitation.  With programs like the ones available at long-term alcohol rehabilitation centers, anyone can beat addiction once and for all.  This is truly the best chance that the addicts of Colton have at beating their drug crisis once and for all, and for beating it for good.  If those who are addicted in Colton take part in rehabilitation courses, then this area actually stands a very good chance at beating addiction on a city-wide and on an all-encompassing basis.

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