Claremont is a very popular city on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County, in the state of California, 32.5 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.  It is ideally located in the eastern San Gabriel Valley, at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Claremont is known state and nationwide for many things, and educational attainment is one of them.  The Claremont Colleges are located in the city for example, and these have some of the highest educational attainment in the state.

The population of the city, as of the 2014 United States Census Bureau, was 36,054. Claremont is known for its many educational institutions which excel above most other California educational institutes, its tree-lined streets, and its historic buildings that dot not only the downtown area but other districts as well.  July 2007 saw Claremont as being rated by CNN/Money magazine as the fifth best place to live in the entire United States and was the highest rated place in California on the list by far.  Due to its large number of trees and residents with doctoral degrees, it is sometimes referred to as “The City of Trees and PhDs” by the locals and visitors alike.

The city of Claremont is primarily residential, though there does exist a significant portion of its commercial activity revolving around “The Village”, a popular collection of street-front small stores, boutiques, art galleries, offices, and restaurants adjacent to and west of the Claremont Colleges. The Village was expanded in the year of 2007, adding a controversial, multi-use development that included a cinema, a boutique hotel, retail space, offices, and a parking structure on the site of an old citrus packing plant just west of Indian Hill Boulevard.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Causing Problems in and Around Claremont

Claremont has for some time now, (along with other California towns), been experiencing a spike in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction amongst its residents.  This has made for quite the problem for those in and around this area, and there has been little hope for the locale in fixing or addressing this issue properly.

Truth be told, substance abuse and addiction have been a growing issue of serious concern not only in Claremont and in the state of California, but all across the nation in fact.  Multiple different factors have led to this, but for Claremont, the main issue has simply been more and more illegal drugs and substances making their way into the city and the surrounding areas and attracting the interest of the city’s youth.

Rehabilitation: The Silver Lining that Shines Like a Beacon for those Addicted in Claremont

There is no doubt about it; addiction has plagued the city and the surrounding areas of Claremont for some time now.  The issue has lashed out and struck many of the city’s youth and adult population alike with addiction habits, and this has left those close to them wondering what to do about the rising problem.  There does exist an answer to addiction, even in its most intensive forms.

This answer lies in all who are addicted going through a full and complete, inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  If this is done, then it is quite possible and quite realistic to remove addiction once and for all in any given individual.  In fact, if rehabilitation is applied consistently and effectively to the entire addicted population of Claremont then the problem will cease to exist there.  With help like this, it might be finally a possibility that this city can get back to its original excitement and flare of energy that is totally drug and alcohol-free.

Addiction is a multi-faceted beast, and it must be addressed in a way that allows for the correction of its many different aspects and problems.  For example, one does not stand a chance of beating addiction if one does not address both the chemical/physical aspect of addiction and the mental/psychological aspect of addiction too.  In this way, the problem can really be looked at and tackled from many different angles and viewpoints.

Addiction is a problem for all who are addicted, and those hooked in Claremont are no different.  Now is the time more than ever for the addicted residents of this city to rise up and take their lives back before it is too late.

Addiction is a terrifying, life-threatening, and sometimes fatal illness.  That does not mean that it is permanent, though.  In fact, it is not permanent and it has never been.  With the right rehabilitation methods, such as holistic treatment, quite literally anyone can beat addiction once and for all and for good.  This is the most successful way by far and it is the way that must be followed in Claremont should the city hope to effect lasting and permanent change for their residents and for the city as a whole.

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