The City of Ceres, California in Review and in Summary

Ceres is a city in Stanislaus County, in the state of California, in the United States. The population of the city was 45,417 at the 2010 U.S. Census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 34,609 at the 2000 U.S. Census. It is part of the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area, though the city does stand alone as an independent urban area.

Ceres is located in the San Joaquin Valley along State Route 99, south of Modesto and north of Turlock in Stanislaus County. Ceres is named after the Roman goddess of agriculture, harkening back to the city’ routes as an agricultural hotspot for the area.

Ceres is known for a few different things and it hosts annual events at different times of the year. Spring brings the Ceres Street Faire on the first weekend in May and this is a major tourist attraction that increases the city’s revenue in a big way. Concert in the Park is a regular summer event too. Halloween Fun Festival marks the Fall followed by the colorful, and much-attended, Christmas Tree Lane opening ceremony.  All in all, this is a very popular city and affluent too.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the City of Ceres and the Surrounding Areas

Without a doubt, there has been a strong rise in drug and alcohol addiction in and around this area.  This has been in a large part as a result of increases in trafficking of narcotics into this area.  This has also been a result of more and more young adults in this area using and abusing drugs and alcohol too and spreading it to others.

Facts and Statistics on Increases in Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Ceres and the Nation

For some data on the rise in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction as it currently occurring in the nation, some facts and statistics have been included on it below:

•    Unfortunately, the effect that increased heroin abuse has had on the nation is a serious one to say the least. Some areas have been affected more so than others, but the common denominator is that the problem with heroin is on the rise in a very big way. Roughly 5000 Americans now die every year from heroin overdoses whereas prior to the turn of the century it was less than a thousand.

•    Heroin abuse and prescription drug abuse are now the two most concerning addiction issues in the entire United States. It is feared that these two drugs alone will cause over 100,000 deaths every year by the year 2025 if major action is not taken to the reverse these trends. Currently, more than 40,000 Americans die every year as a result of addictions to these drugs.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution to the Rising Drug and Alcohol Problem in the Nation

There is absolutely no doubt at all that drug and alcohol addiction and the general matter of substance abuse has made a very powerful impact on the residents of Ceres.  This saddening truth has only been eclipsed by that fact that there seems to be no solution or cure to the city-wide issue.  It is thought, though, that if something is not done here soon then the issue will only get much, much, much worse indeed.

There does exist a way to beat the drug problem in Ceres once and for all, but it can take a lot of work and effort and not all are capable of performing the feats necessary to do this.  However, it is do-able, recovery is attainable and well over ten-thousand Americans achieve the state of recovery and freedom from addiction on a yearly basis in the United States.

If one is looking for help for a loved one who is addicted to drugs and alcohol then one would do well to make absolutely certain that one is dealing with someone who is truly addicted to drugs and alcohol and who does not have something else going on in his or her life.  Listed below are some key signs of drug and alcohol use and abuse that those in Ceres who actually are addicted will display:

•    Bloodshot or glazed eyes.
•    Dilated or constricted pupils.
•    Abrupt weight changes.
•    Bruises, infections, or other physical signs at the drug’s entrance site on the body.
•    Increased aggression or irritability.
•    Changes in attitude/personality.
•    Lethargy.
•    Depression.
•    Sudden changes in a social network.
•    Dramatic changes in habits and/or priorities.
•    Financial problems.
•    Involvement in criminal activity.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible thing to affect anybody, and because the problem is so severe in Ceres that just makes it worse for them.  The key here is for those who are addicted here to seek out and to make a point of getting into inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.  With the help of an inpatient rehab center, real and positive change can be made on an addict to addict basis in Ceres and the entire city will improve as a result of it.

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