About the City of Cathedral City, California

Cathedral City is a lovely city in Riverside County, California, in the United States. Locals gave it the nickname, “Cat City”.  The population was 51,200 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.  Located as it is between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, it is one of the cities in the Coachella Valley, (Palm Springs area), of southern California.  Cathedral City is the second largest in population in the Coachella Valley, after Indio too.

As for its history, the town’s name derives from “Cathedral Canyon” to the south of the town, so named in the year of 1850 by Colonel Henry Washington because its rock formations were reminiscent of a cathedral.  The city itself started as a housing subdivision in 1925 but was not incorporated until later on in 1981. The city grew in population several times over during the past 35 years too.

Facts and Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Cathedral City and in the Nation

Studies show that drug and alcohol abuse is on its way up in the nation.  This is pretty disturbing to say the least, and it has been for some time now.  Listed below are just a few of the facts and statistics that highlight these gruesome changes not only in Cathedral City but all across the nation for that matter:

1.    Teenage drug abuse facts indicate abuse of prescription and over the counter medication remains high.  Now in fact it is higher than it ever was with teen prescription drug abuse being the most concerning aspect of teen drug and alcohol abuse in the nation today.  Prescription drug abuse is terrifying indeed, and it has done nothing but worsen as the years have gone by with more and more teens abusing these types of drugs year after year after year.

2.    Even among teens that do not use and abuse drugs, it is acknowledged by them that they are fairly easy to come by.  This is a fact that warrants much concern as the prevalence of such drugs is literally half the problem right there, with the actual abuse of them being the other half of the problem.  For example:

•    29% of teens in grades 9 through 12 report that illegal drugs were made available to them on school property
•    38.4% of teens in public schools report that drugs are readily available
•    22.4% at private schools report drugs are readily available
•    62.9% report that street gangs are present to sell the drugs

3.    According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, (NCVS), in the year of 2007, there were a staggering 5.2 million violent victimizations of residents of the age of twelve or older. Victims of such violence were asked to describe whether they perceived the offender to have been drinking or using drugs at all.  Truthfully, about 26% of the victims of violence reported that the offender was using drugs or alcohol of one kind or another.

4.    About something like a staggering seventy-four percent of state prisoners who had a mental health problem and fifty-six percent of those without were dependent on or abused alcohol or drugs had found their way into prison because of their addiction or mental problem.  Partially to the relief of many, it has been found that those who commit crimes without being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or mental difficulties are in the striking minority, showcasing the classic but sometimes forgotten belief that people are basically good deep down inside.

Rehabilitation: How Those Who are Addicted are Beating their Habits Once and for All

There is no doubt whatsoever that drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and substance abuse has become a major issue in Cathedral City and in the entire state for that matter.  With problems like these, one must look to see what can be done about them.  However, when one is dealing with addiction within one’s home with a loved one or a family member, one must be absolutely certain that there really is an addiction crisis there, and not something else.  Listed below are some signs, symptoms, and mannerisms that are strongly indicative of drug and alcohol addiction:

Physical warning signs of drug abuse

•    Bloodshot eyes, pupils larger or smaller than usual
•    Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
•    Sudden weight loss or weight gain
•    Deterioration of physical appearance, personal grooming habits
•    Unusual smells on breath, body, or clothing
•    Tremors, slurred speech, or impaired coordination

Behavioral signs of drug abuse

•    Drop in attendance and performance at work or school
•    Unexplained need for money or financial problems; may borrow or steal to get it
•    Engaging in secretive or suspicious behaviors
•    Sudden change in friends, favorite hangouts, and hobbies
•    Frequently getting into trouble (fights, accidents, illegal activities)

Psychological warning signs of drug abuse

•    Unexplained change in personality or attitude
•    Sudden mood swings, irritability, or angry outbursts
•    Periods of unusual hyperactivity, agitation, or giddiness
•    Lack of motivation; appears lethargic or “spaced out”
•    Appears fearful, anxious, or paranoid, with no reason

The way for those addicted in Cathedral City to get help and the way for the city to become a lot better off in the long run is for all of those who are addicted there to go through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  With programs like these really anyone who is addicted can actually beat the drug habit from both a chemical standpoint and from a mental standpoint too.  In the end, this is the ultimate solution for anyone who is so afflicted.

It is time for serious changes to be made in Cathedral City.  It is time for the addicted residents of this city and the surrounding areas to make a difference for themselves and for the community in general.  Long term rehabilitation can help with this, and it’s necessary that those addicted pursue rehab as soon as is possible.

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