Capitola is a pleasant, residential and tourism city in Santa Cruz County, in the state of California, in the United States of America, on the coast of Monterey Bay. The population was 9,918 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, but the population swells a lot in the summer time months and during the holiday season due to tourism.

As for the city’s history, in the year of 1869, Frederick A. Hihn, who owned the property in the vicinity of the wharf, decided to develop it as a seaside resort instead. At first he leased the area to Samuel A. Hall and the area became known as Camp Capitola at that time. Most authorities believe that it was Hihn himself who chose the name of Capitola, but they are unsure as to why he did so. Several possibilities have been asserted on this idea, one being that it was named for the heroine of The Hidden Hand, a novel by the popular author E.D.E.N. Southworth, favored by Hall’s daughter Lulu. Capitola is known as the oldest beach resort on the West Coast and the city receives a lot of tourism and general revenue because of the historic significance of the city.

Capitola is a very popular tourist town because of its trendy shops and restaurants on the shore that directly connect it to a fishing wharf and its large, sandy beach too.  Capitola lies west of the census-designated area of Aptos and east of the census-designated place of Live Oak, setting itself up in a perfect combination between rural California and urban California.

Capitola has a middle class demographic for the most part, mostly because the city is such a popular tourist town.  The median income for a household in the city was $46,048, and the median income for a family was about $59,473. Males had a median income of $47,879 versus $35,444 for females. The per capita income for the city was about $27,609. About 2.0% of families and 7.0% of the population were below the poverty line in fact, including 5.8% of those under age 18 and 7.9% of those ages 65 or over too.

Drug Abuse on the Rise in Capitola

Sadly, as is the fate of many California towns lately, Capitola has fallen under the effects of pretty severe drug trafficking and drug addiction problems.  This has been an ongoing concern for Capitola for the last several years, as many of the young adult population of this city has fallen prey to the horrors that abound drug addiction.

Utilizing Effective Rehabilitation to Address a Rising Drug Problem

Drug and alcohol addiction causes a very negative effect on any area that is affected by it.  The issue only worsens as time passes too, with more problems and more crisis issues tending to come about as a result of a city’s residents being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  This has been exactly the case in Capitola, as unfortunate and as sad as that might be.  The truth is, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general really does not need to be such a big deal or such a huge problem but it definitely is a big problem in Capitola now and it probably will continue to be so until something is done to reverse this issue.

How did this happen?  A lot of drug trafficking lately has been spreading outwards from big cities and metro areas and into small town and outlying communities and suburbs.  Because Capitola is relatively near to some bigger cities, this is exactly what has occurred here.

Drug dealers and traffickers tend to be very attracted to a city that has never really experienced drugs before, even if the population of that city is not that great.  This has been the lot of life for the residents of Capitola, and it has been something that has grabbed much attention and worry for some years now.  In fact, if nothing is done to address these issues and to address them soon then it is feared that the problem will only get much, much worse long before it gets any better.

The key to addressing this issue so that it stops to be such a serious concern is to rehabilitate those in the area who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and to get them rehabilitated now.  A California rehab is the best choice. When you remove the demand for drugs in any given area then the drug traffickers and dealers will cease to show so much interest in the area.  Then, efforts can be made to prevent substances from ever making an appearance in Capitola again.  With these plans and these efforts being made and being made now this area will finally know freedom and solace from addiction problems.

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