About the City of Calexico, California: What the City has to Offer and its History

Calexico is a pleasant city in Imperial County, in the state of California, in the United States.  The population was 38,572 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 27,109 at the 2000 census.  Calexico is about 122 miles east of San Diego and just about 62 miles west of Yuma, Arizona.  The name “Calexico” is actually a portmanteau of California and Mexico, which, like that of its adjacent sister city of Mexicali, emphasizes its identity as a border city too.

Calexico is a very active and fast paced town.  Major events that are held every year are the Mariachi festival on March 25 followed by the SDSU, “Perspective of the Latino Race”, art exhibition on April the third every year.  Calexico actually began as a tent city of the Imperial Land Company, was founded in the year of 1899, and incorporated later on in 1908.  The Imperial Land Company converted desert land into a fertile setting for year-round agriculture too. The originally proposed names were Santo Tomas or Thomasville.  The first post office in Calexico opened in the year of 1902 and the city has seen strong population and economic increases ever since then.

As for what is happening in Calexico in today’s day and age, hundreds of acres are now being devoted to industrial parks, and commercial and incentives are offered to encourage industrial development. The name Calexico was actually coined from a combination of the words California and Mexico.  Mexicali is a similarly named city directly across the international border from Calexico.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction on the Rise in this Border Town

Sadly, as this is a border city, it does experience a significant amount of drug trafficking through it, and some of those drugs never do leave Calexico.  The result has been grim indeed with a strong percentage of the population of the city abusing the mains staple of drugs sent out from Mexico, drugs like meth, heroin, and marijuana.  If something is not done about this pretty soon then the issue will only worsen indeed.

Facts and Statistics on the Rising Problem in and Around Calexico

To better understand the crisis as it is currently occurring in Calexico, some facts and statistics have been included below that highlight the substance abuse issues not only in this city but all across the nation for that matter:

• On the subject of drugs making a comeback, heroin has taken the stage in this matter.  The biggest increases in heroin abuse and addiction have actually occurred in groups with historically much, much lower rates of heroin use and abuse.  So, not only have abuse statistics gone up, but they’ve gone up amongst individuals with historically speaking almost no heroin abuse.  Demographics that are now responsible for the majority of heroin abuse in the States include women, individuals of upper middle class and middle class economic prosperity, and individuals with private insurance and higher incomes.

• Crystal meth is increasing in popularity rather rapidly.  For example, more than one and a half million Americans over the age of twelve try meth every year, and a high percentage of those who try it then become addicted to it.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Way to Beat Addiction in Calexico Once and for All

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been at an all-time high in an around Calexico and for some time now too.  If something is not done soon to rectify this then it is feared that the city and the surrounding areas will experience their very own micro-epidemic of sorts.  This is obviously not at all ideal and should be avoided at all costs.  Beating an addiction was never an easy task and it never will be, but it is do-able and it is a workable prospect for even the most heavily addicted individuals.

The key to beating addiction once and for all lies in seeking help from an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  With the help that can be found at centers like these, it is possible for anyone no matter how addicted they might be to find freedom and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

• Rehabilitation helps immensely in a few different ways.  The most significant one to start off with is detoxification.  With detox, anyone who is addicted to anything no matter how bad the addiction is can experience a full and complete, assisted withdrawal program and approach.  It is in this way that true freedom from the chemical pulls and cravings from drugs and alcohol is achieved.

• Next up is the rehabilitation program itself.  With rehab, anyone who is addicted will be able to finally address all of the mental and psychological aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.  This too is highly beneficial and helpful as it allows addicts to dig deep down and find out all of the mental, psychological, personal, and spiritual triggers and impulses that they have to do drugs or abuse alcohol, what caused them, and ultimately eliminate them.

Calexico has it pretty difficult right now with their personal addiction nightmare.  However, there has never been a better time than now for those addicted there to rise up and make a change and turn their lives around.

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