About the City of Brentwood, California

Brentwood is a lovely city in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, in the United States.  It is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The population is 51,481 as of 2010, an increase of 121 percent from 23,302 at the 2000 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Brentwood initially began as a community in the late 19th century, and still is known throughout the Bay Area for its agricultural products, primarily its cherries, corn, and peaches.  The city has always been an agricultural town and it still is, but the city itself is now also known as a tourist destination too.  Due to urban sprawl, many of the old farms and orchards have been replaced by suburban developments since 1990. Brentwood is increasingly residential, with the rate of population growth in the triple digits during the 1990s and 69% from 2000 through 2005.  The growth is attributed to the aesthetic beauty of the city and the increasing economy in the area too.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Dependence in Brentwood and in the Nation

There has been an increase in drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general all across the nation and in Brentwood specifically.  This has been a pretty concerning issue for all of the residents of the city.  For some context as to just how bad drug and alcohol addiction is in general, some facts and statistics have been included on these issues below as they pertain to the two most common drugs cases of abuse in Brentwood, cocaine, and meth:

•    Cocaine use peaked in the late 1980s and early 1990s and has fallen since up until about 2012 where it started to pick up again.  Very little attention has been put on this as most have thought that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a lot more concerning when it has to do with substance abuses of things like heroin and prescription drugs and alcohol.  However, a resurgence of cocaine abuse needs to be watched closely and stopped immediately or else the U.S. could have another cocaine epidemic on its hands similar to the one that it had in the 1970s.

•    Methamphetamine is on the rise in rural areas, and now it is starting to make its way into urban areas too.  This is another thing that needs to be watched closely too as the issue could grow and worsen very quickly indeed,  many are saying that meth is the nation’s new cocaine, but this is not exactly true as meth is cheaper, easier to get, more powerful, and a lot more damaging and dangerous and destructive than cocaine ever was.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Brentwood

Drug and alcohol addiction have begun to run rampant through Brentwood.  Though many have tried to cover this up or ignore the issue to preserve the integrity and image of the city, the fact remains that the crisis is a real one, to say the least and to say the least in a big way.  Addiction has been growing not only in Brentwood but also in every single city in that urban area of the state.  With the addicts on Brentwood becoming more and more in number, it is nerve racking what might happen in this city if the issue is allowed to continue or grow in any way, shape, or form.

This is where rehabilitation steps on to the scene.  As bad as addiction is getting in Brentwood, there are always ways to handle the crisis and to reduce it in some way, and for Brentwood, the absolute best way to do this will be to get those who are addicted and residing in Brentwood to go to an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  With the help that one can get at a center or program like this, one will get a firm handle on his or her addiction issue, eradicate it, and begin life as a newly recovered and rehabilitated individual.

Here’s what one can expect from rehab in Brentwood, though this is but a mere summary of the extensive and incredible services offered at inpatient rehab centers:

•    Detoxification to address and eradicate the chemical addiction crisis:

•    Detox is the first step when it comes to beating addiction.  Addiction is a two-faced monster.  When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, one has the physical and the mental aspect of the addiction nightmare.  Detoxification at an inpatient rehab program will involve a full and complete inpatient experience in a highly specialized and clinical, medical setting.  One will be tended on by trained medical professionals.  Coming down off of drugs and alcohol can not only be very uncomfortable and painful, it can also be dangerous.  With detox, one can do this comfortably and safely.

•    Rehabilitation to address and eradicate the mental addiction crisis:

•    The next step is to handle the mental, personal, spiritual, and psychological aspects of addiction.  This is a very real issue, and in fact, some professionals in the addiction field believe that the psychological aspect of addiction counts for about seventy percent of the overall addiction nightmare.  In rehab, one will get all of the counseling, therapy, group sessions, electives, and treatment methods necessary to find, address, and banish any and all aspects of mental addiction.

It is time that Brentwood really does something about its addiction crisis.  The first step is to rehabilitate those addicted there.  With rehab, this is finally a possible and feasible thing to do.

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