A Summary and Review of the City of Brea

Brea is a lovely and beautiful city in Orange County, in the state of California, in the United States. The population as of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau was 39,282.

The city began as a center of crude oil production in its earlier times, was later propelled by citrus production, and is now an important retail center because of the large Brea Mall and the recently redeveloped Brea Downtown Historical and Business Districts. Brea is also known for its extensive public art program which began in 1975 and continues today with over 140 artworks in the collection placed and located throughout the city itself. Brea’s public art program has been used as a model and inspiration for many public art programs across the U.S. too.  This is certainly a cultured and refined area that has earned itself a lot of recognition and fame and popularity.

Facts and Statistics About Addiction as It is on the Rise in Brea

There is definitely an addiction problem occurring in and around Brea and it has been doing so for some time now.  This is an issue that has suffered a lot as has other areas around the state and the nation for that matter too.  For example:

• Cocaine use and abuse is still a serious issue in the United States in spite of the fact that Americans had seemed to have it beaten for a few years.  Today, more than thirty-four million Americans (almost fifteen percent of the population over the age of twelve), admit to having used cocaine at least once in their lifetime.

• Crystal meth addiction is very costly to the U.S. taxpayers.  Cleaning up busted meth labs all across the country is very expensive.  For example, the cost of cleaning up meth labs has not only risen over 1000% since 1995 because of the increasingly more dangerous and harmful chemicals that are being used, but the cost to clean up a single meth lab today totals well over eight-thousand dollars.  By 2006, the total number of taxpayer dollars for governmental organizations to clean up meth labs was approximately twenty-four million dollars.

• Cocaine is one of the oldest and most addictive drugs in the world. has been proclaimed to be the most addictive drug in the world.  Cocaine has the highest percentage of inevitable addicts who come from having used cocaine just once. According to studies, an astounding seventy-five percent of people who try cocaine will become sorely addicted to it.  This means that only one out of four individuals who try to quit cocaine usage will be able to do so without professional help and outside assistance and the other three out of four will need the help of a professional, inpatient, rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution for Addiction in and Around Brea, California

There has been a big problem on the rise in and around Brea and it has been with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  This has been a major issue, to say the least and has been for some time now.  Though Brea certainly isn’t a major or huge city, it is still affected by the proliferation of drugs and alcohol into and around the area and specifically amongst the area’s youth and young adult population alike.  For these individuals, substance abuse has become more than just a casual, once in a while type of thing.  Now it is much more an issue and problem of proliferation and the amount and diversity of substances used and abused.

For Brea, there can only be one clear way and path out of this mess, and that lies in those who are addicted and afflicted taking a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  With the help that one can get from programs like these, it is actually quite true and quite possible and quite legitimate that one might be able to effectively beat an addiction problem once and for all.  It is not easy and it has never been, but rehab makes it possible, to say the least.

1. First, with a course through a rehab center, one will be exposed to a proper detoxification program.  With detox, one will effectively be able to have medically located and found the problem areas in his or her body and get those addressed and cleaned up for good.  In this way, one no longer will have any drug or alcohol chemicals floating around in his or her system further polluting him or her.  This must be done first so that the individual can then concentrate on other things in his or her life.

2. After detox is completed, rehab is next.  With rehab, one will effectively be able to address and eradicate any and all of the mental, psychological, personal, and spiritual reasons why he or she is using and abusing drugs and alcohol.  This is highly beneficial and important because, without rehab itself, one will likely go back to abusing drugs and alcohol.  Once rehab itself is completed, aftercare options can be set up at that time.

Beating addiction is never easy.  Sometimes it is next to impossible.  However, inpatient rehab centers make it a very doable prospect and something that one can easily confront.  Finally, with rehab, anyone who is addicted in or around Brea can finally go free from drug or alcohol addiction once and for all.

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