Brawley is a city in the Imperial Valley and within Imperial County, in southern California, in the United States of America.

The population was 24,953 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from 22,052 in the year of 2000. The town has a significant cattle and feed industry too, and it hosts the annual Cattle Call Rodeo. Year-round agriculture is an important economic activity in Brawley, and this is perhaps one of California’s most affluent agricultural towns. Summer daytime temperatures often exceed 105 °F.  Major employers in Brawley include Pioneers Memorial Hospital, and Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo.

Incorporated in the year of 1908, it was a “tent city” so to speaks of only 100 persons involved in railroads and the earliest introduction of agriculture to the area.  It had a population of 11,922 in 1950, but population growth was slow from the 1960s to the early 1990s.  Now however the population is back on the rise again as more and more Californians all across the state are beginning to travel outwards away from the big cities and into the small towns to settle down.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Creates a Strong Effect on Brawley and on Neighboring Towns

Unfortunately, as this big push in population has really begun to take place in and around Brawley and all across the state for that matter, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has begun to make a name for itself for being a pretty severe and serious issue indeed.  This could not be more expressed by the simple fact that, in Brawley, prior to the turn of the century there was almost no drug and alcohol abuse, but now it is quite common indeed.

Brawley, as mentioned above, is not the only city affected.  In fact, almost every state in the nation has begun to experience serious effects of this problem.  For example:

• Heroin, while often seeming to be dwarfed in popularity next to newer, more powerful, pharmaceutical drugs, is still immensely popular worldwide and in the United States too.  In the year of 2007, a full ninety-three percent of the world’s opium supply came from the country of Afghanistan alone.  The total export value of these drugs was about four billion dollars all in all, of which almost three quarters went to traffickers and dealers.  Only about a quarter went to the Afghan opium farmers themselves.

• Emergency department visits and trips to the ER as a result of drug abuse have come up a lot lately as a serious increase in the United States of America.  The horrible truth is that the drugs being abused today rate far more potent, addictive, deadly, and dangerous than they were thirty year ago when a death from drug use was a rare occurrence.  For example, just the emergency room visits caused by only prescription drug abuse increased more than a fully ninety-eight percent between the year of 2004 and the year of 2009.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution for the Safety of Brawley’s Addicted

Substance abuse claims the lives of tens of thousands of Americans every single year it would seem.  True enough, roughly sixty to eighty-thousand Americans die every single year as a result of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general.  This is a saddening problem that unfortunately has taken the nation by storm with little to no permanent or lasting solutions being found to effectively address the issues it has created.

Some believe that the only way to handle addiction permanently lies in prevention.  By this is meant trying to stop drug and alcohol abuse from even coming into a given area.  This method is not entirely effective though, because as long as addicts exist in any given area, it is guaranteed that they will be able to find ways to abuse drugs and alcohol.  In this way and because of this, the problem never actually goes down or lessens in any way, because in spite of all that is done to prevent substance abuse in these areas, it will just keep coming back as long as there are addicts in that area who are resourceful enough to find drugs and bring them into the area.

There are a lot of young adults in and around Brawley, and this demographic tends to be the ones that get affected the most by drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, substance abuse, and drug and alcohol addiction problems in general.  Truly this has become something that might be the most concerning issue that Brawley has ever seen since its inception.

This is why now more than ever addiction has to be effectively addressed in Brawley through inpatient residential rehab programs.  With inpatient rehab, the issue is actually addressed from a physical and mental side as well as from a prevention side too.  For every person that goes through rehab, there is one less drug and alcohol addict in that area.  This is totally worth pursuing as the major and main course of action for addiction addressment in and around Brawley.  If this method is approached properly and successfully then it is very likely that the problem in and around Brawley will be finally resolved once and for all.  This is sincerely hoped too, as Brawley truly is experiencing a micro-epidemic of its very own.


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