Beverly Hills is a lovely and popular and very well-known city in Los Angeles County, in the state of California, in the United States, surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood themselves.  Originally established as a Spanish ranch where lima beans were grown, Beverly Hills was incorporated in the year of 1914 by a group of investors who had failed to find oil, but found water instead and eventually decided to develop the area into a town.  By the year of 2013, its population had grown to 34,658.  Sometimes referred to as “90210”, one of its primary ZIP codes, it is home to many actors and celebrities. The city includes the Rodeo Drive shopping district and the Beverly Hills Oil Field too.

Beverly Hills among all other things is often most known for its powerhouse economy and successful businesses that have their headquarters there.  The city is home to one Fortune 500 company for example, Live Nation Entertainment.  Since August 22, 2011, the headquarters of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have been located in Beverly Hills too.

Beverly Hills is a big name amongst the locals of the LA area too. The Los Angeles-area offices of Aeroflot and El Al are in Beverly Hills. At one point, Hilton Hotels Corporation had its corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills. The city has built itself up from scratch and is now one of the nicest and most exclusive in the area.

Facts and Statistics: The Cruel Truth About a Rising Drug Problem Nationwide

Sadly, though Beverly Hills is a lovely and successful city, it has not escaped the gradual and sometimes rapid spread of drug and alcohol abuse that has taken the nation by storm.  Really, this has been an issue that has transcended any drug problem previously encountered.  The situation not only in Beverly Hills but all across the nation for that matter has gotten relatively out of control.  To shed some context onto this growing problem, some facts and statistics have been included below on it:

• An alarming statistic has struck United States. This is the increase in sexual assault that has been going steadily upward since the turn of the century. As a correlation to this, studies show that roughly 90% of all such assaults also occur with at least one if not more of the individuals present under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Often times, substance abuse has been occurring on the behalf of the one who committed the sexual assault and is what inspired the individual to commit the crime in the first place.

• A lot of attention lately has been put on the American criminal justice system. It has swollen to epic proportions. The percentage of Americans incarcerated in the prison system of the United States has doubled since 1985. Similar studies done into this area also showcase that roughly 60% of all Americans in the prison system are there because of drug abuse or alcohol abuse. If substance abuse is handled and eradicated, the problems with the prison system will also be handled.

Rehabilitation: How Those Addicted in Beverly Hills and Across the Nation can Beat the Addiction Crisis

Drug and alcohol addiction is a saddening scourge that affects many.  The truth of the matter is that Beverly Hills in particular suffers from a substance abuse problem of its very own.  This city, though it is not a huge one, still there drug and alcohol abuse problem rivals that of a huge city.  Sadly, this is nothing new for this city as these individuals have been suffering either with addiction themselves or with a family member or loved one who is abusing drugs and alcohol.

Why exactly does Beverly Hills of all places suffer with an above-average drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problem?  This city rests on some key drug trafficking lines that run drugs up through the state, right through this area.  Furthermore, prescription drugs, though they are legal, are being abused left and right in and around Beverly Hills.  The truth of the matter is that many who are addicted feel as though they will not be able to really beat addiction unless they do something in the here and now to really nail this problem right from the get go.

How do the addicted residents of Beverly Hills and their families go about purging addiction from this area?  With the help of inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab centers, and recovery organizations.  These are by far the best approaches for effectively fighting against and winning against addiction once and for all.  Only with inpatient rehab can one be guaranteed the best possible rehabilitation program because it is only with inpatient rehab that anyone who is addicted in Beverly Hills or all across the nation for that matter will be exposed to the proper level of counseling, therapy, moral recognition therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills, electives, relapse prevention, coping strategies, and other techniques and therapies.

Winning the fight against addiction is not easy.  It’s not any easier in Beverly Hills.  For many there, it is very difficult.  With rehab though, it becomes a tangible conquest.  Now is the time more than ever for those addicted here to break the shackles of addiction once and for all and truly strive towards recovery and happiness and sobriety.

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