Belmont is a beautiful, desired, and affluent city in San Mateo County in the U.S. state of California. It is in the San Francisco Bay Area, (one reason why it is so affluent), on the San Francisco Peninsula halfway between San Francisco and San Jose respectively. It was originally part of Rancho de las Pulgas, for which one of its main roads, the Alameda de las Pulgas, is named. The city was incorporated in 1926 though, and at that point it became its own city.  Its population ranked in at 25,835 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Belmont has a lot of great things going for it that bring interest and attraction to the area.  One historic landmark in Belmont, the Ralston Hall is a beautiful and quite impressive landmark built by the well-known and recognized Bank of California founder, William Chapman Ralston, on the campus of infamous Notre Dame de Namur University. It was built around a villa formerly owned by Count Cipriani, an Italian aristocrat. The locally famous “Waterdog Lake” is also located in the foothills and highlands of Belmont.  All of these locations attract thousands of visitors every single year.

One of two surviving structures from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition is on Belmont Avenue, (the other is the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco). The building was brought to Belmont by E.D. Swift shortly after the exposition closed in 1915. Swift owned a large amount of land in the area.  This landmark also attracts thousands annually.

Another thing that has made the city of Belmont very interesting and that has attracted national attention is the major smoking ordinance passed in January 2009 which bans smoking in all businesses and multi-story apartments and condominiums.  This ban is so strong and so strictly enforced that the ordinance has been described as one of the strictest in the nation.

Facts and Statistics: The Real Data on the Rising Drug Problem in and Around Belmont

Sadly, although this is a very affluent and successful town, it has not been able to stop drug and alcohol abuse from growing into a very major and big issue in and around the once almost totally sober city of Belmont.  Belmont isn’t the only place affected though.  In fact, drug and alcohol abuse is getting worse and worse all across the nation.  For example:

• Alcohol abuse has become a serious issue in the United States in the last several years and even as far back as the nineties.  The effect that this has on the children of alcohol abusers is unacceptable, truly.  Nearly a full seventeen percent of all children under the age of fourteen in the United States alone have the misfortune of living with a parent who has a serious drinking problem of one kind or another.  As the children get older, the statistics just get worse and worse.  Over twenty percent of children under eighteen live with a parent who drinks heavily or has an alcohol addiction crisis to one degree or another.

• Heroin abuse is on the rise and has been since the turn of the century, after many years of being on its way out.  “Why?” we ask ourselves and each other.  Experts on the matter say that the increase in heroin use is inevitably linked to prescription opioid pill abuse of one kind or another.  Young and old people alike often become addicted to pain pills and then progress to heroin, (which provides the same euphoric high as pain pills do), when pills are hard to come by, too expensive, or are just no longer as thrilling to the user.  That’s when heroin comes into the picture.
Rehabilitation: How Those in and Around Belmont are Kicking Addiction Habits Once and for All

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general is a big problem now in California.  This is a state that earned a reputation for itself for having one of the all-time worst drug problems in the nation, particularly when it comes to marijuana abuse and addiction, meth abuse, and heroin trafficking.  Also drugged and drunk driving is a huge factor in California and is responsible for more than sixty percent of al traffic fatalities in this state.  To make matters even worse, something on the order of eighty-five percent of all male arrests that are made in California involve drugs in some way.

Certainly, California has a bad drug problem, but who would have ever thought that Belmont would have serious drug problem?  Probably no one, but that is definitely the case.  When people think of drug abuse and addiction in California, they probably think of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or perhaps Fresno or Sacramento.  But Belmont?  Belmont is a tiny village compared to those cities, and is really no more than a small city with its less than fifty thousand population.

True enough though, Belmont does have a significant drug problem and it’s had it for some time now.  The problem came about during the economic recession of 2008 and 2009 when drug dealers from bigger cities sought to expand their dwindling clientele by moving their operations out into more upper-class, potentially wealthier cities and suburbs.  This included cities and suburbs like Belmont.  This included Belmont.

Now Belmont has a big drug problem and it’s had it for some time now.  Because Belmont and because cities like Belmont never really had to deal with these types of issues before, Belmont has been slow on the uptake on how to handle it and address it properly This is where rehabilitation comes into play.  With effective and successful rehabilitation, it can actually become possible for those in Belmont and addicted to drugs in Belmont to really be able to win the battle against addiction problems once and for all.  With rehabilitation, Belmont and other cities like it finally can break the shackles of addiction and win the battle against substance abuse problems for good.

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