Anderson is a pleasant and relatively quiet and peaceful city in Shasta County, in the state of California, in the United States of America, approximately 10 miles south of Redding, California. The population was about 9,932 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, up from about 9,022 at the prior 2000 census.

The city of Anderson was actually named after ranch owner Elias Anderson who granted the Oregon and California Railroad trackage rights and land for a station there.  Railroad activity came to the area in 1872 which also brought a population boom.  The town’s pleasant Anderson River Park sits on part of the original land grant owned by Anderson, and much of the town’s history and stability is reflective of the influence that Elias Anderson had on the general area.

Anderson has a stable economy.  The city’s main industry was lumber up until a few years ago.  Now, however, the city is getting many retail jobs and the economy is expanding and diversifying, especially with the opening of a brand new Wal-Mart Super Center across the street from the Shasta Outlets in 2006.  The economic powerhouse that is Wal-Mart and Prime Cinemas are creating a whole new shopping district on the south side of the city of Anderson.  New housing construction has begun in the development off Gateway Drive and Red Bud too, and the city is definitely growing and expanding thanks to these big additions to the local economy.

Anderson is also known for its parks and its pleasant tourist destinations.  For example, the city is home to Anderson River Park, North Volonte Park, and South Volonte Park. Anderson River Park is located off of Stingy Ln. down historic Rupert Rd. The park is situated on the Sacramento River and is quite pleasant. It provides an array of accessible and diverse recreational opportunities for both locals and visitors alike. The park consists of athletic fields, picnic areas, fishing access, play structures, and a disc golf course too. The amphitheater in the park houses the Mosquito Serenade, a free concert series, every year during the months of July and August.  This event attracts thousands to the city and boosts its economy significantly.

Drug Abuse on the Rise in Anderson

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problems, in general, have begun to take their toll on the once totally peaceful town of Anderson.  This has been the case and the lot of life all across California for that matter, and a lot of towns and small communities and suburban bedroom communities have been experiencing similar problems.  If nothing is done about these issues and if nothing is done soon then the city of Anderson stands to lose out and miss out on a lot of good opportunities for growth.  In fact, a further increasing drug addiction problem stands to seriously damage the current success and viability of the city on a potentially permanent level.

Effective Rehabilitation in Anderson

Drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible affliction and very damaging problem in any area that experiences it.  Unfortunately, Anderson has begun to experience drug and alcohol addiction the likes of which it has never seen before.  A lot of people are seeing this issue and thinking, “Goodness gracious.  How could addiction have become such a problem here in quiet and peaceful Anderson?”  The answers are simple yet very hard hitting.  Anderson has experienced a sudden trafficking of drugs into the area from big cities and metro areas.  Drug addiction and substance abuse are expanding in California, and this has meant bad news for the residents of small towns that have any kind of proximity at all to bigger cities.

The current viewpoint is that drug and alcohol abuse has been an ongoing problem and a pretty major one at that too.  Why?  Because drug abuse has become so increasingly popular in California that drug dealers, traffickers, and pushers have actually extended their influences outwards from their main clientele base in big cities and outwards into smaller towns and small communities and mimiddle-classuburbs.  This has been particularly traumatic for these areas because such areas have never had to deal with such problems before.

How does a city that suddenly finds itself strapped with serious addiction problems address such problems?  The answer is a simple one to say the least.  The answer is just rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and more rehabilitation is the key to addressing such issues and such problems so that they do not come up as being so worrisome and so problematic in the future.

The only way to effectively eradicate addiction in any given area is to rehabilitate those who are addicted in California.  This effectively removes the demand for drugs in that area.  The same is true for those who are addicted to alcohol or anything else for that matter.  Once the immediate crisis is addressed and the addicts of Anderson are rehabilitated, then the residents of the city and the city government can begin to work on the realistic problems that come about from drugs coming into a city and they can do what they need to do to prevent this from ever becoming an issue again.

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