Albany, (actually formerly known as Ocean View), is a city in Alameda County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. The population was 18,539 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Albany is known for being the site of Golden Gate Fields, the only horse racing track in the Bay Area.  This is a very popular location, and it brings a lot of business to this area.

Real estate prices have been rising steeply in recent years in Albany.  This has been a massively growing and value-increasing city to say the least.  The median price of a single family home and condo in Census 2000 for June 2007, November 2009, July 2011, August 2013 and August 2014 were $334,800, $687,500, $610,000, $590,000, $625,750 and $820,050 respectively.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Here

Sadly, wherever an increasing economy will go, drug and alcohol abuse will follow.  That is the nature of the situation, and this trend recreates itself constantly.  For some statistics on this matter:

• Cocaine use and abuse is back and with a passion too, and this problem has begun to take over the middle class adults of the United States, particularly those in the American Southwest and the Southeast as well.  The issue is quite severe especially with crack, cocaine’s more condensed, stronger, and more addictive and dangerous counterpart.  About half a million Americans are addicted to it, and hundreds die from it every year.

• Marijuana is the number one gateway drug in the nation.  Becoming addicted to marijuana is bad enough by itself, but the problem then gets a lot worse when one begins to go on to abuse some other type of drug too.  For some more data on it, this isn’t to say that anyone and everyone who abuses marijuana will go on to abuse heavy and hard drugs, but it is to say that almost every single illegal street drug addict and every illegally-obtained drug addict started with marijuana as their first drug.  For this reason alone, marijuana should remain outlawed and prevented from being used and abused.

• In 2013, 22.7 million Americans needed treatment for a substance use disorder of one kind or another, almost 9% of the population over the age of 12 to be exact. Only about 2.5 million received such treatment at a specialty facility though.  It is estimated that more than 41% of treatment admissions that year were for alcohol abuse, 20 % of admissions were for opiate addiction treatment, and 17% were for the treatment of marijuana abuse too.

Rehabilitation Needed and Wanted

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has begun to play a pretty intensive and destructive role in the lives of those addicted in Albany.  This city, given its size, lacks the infrastructure and the funds to address such wanton addiction with speed.  The crisis here became so serious so fast that little to nothing has been done or has been able to be done in such a short order of time.  For the most part, the residents of Albany are essentially at a loss for what to do about a situation that involves a solid forty percent of the local youth population being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

This is where rehabilitation comes into play.  For each individual family that has a loved one who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, care must be taken to get that individual into rehab as soon as is possible.  Rehabilitation and effective and rapid rehabilitation is the only thing that will totally cure the city of the crisis that it is facing.

This is what effective rehabilitation can accomplish for those addicted in Albany:

1. Help the recovering addict think about the role that alcohol and other drugs plays in their life. This should be done one on one, confidentially, without any negative consequences, and in such a way that the individual benefits greatly from it. Recovering addicts need to feel free to discuss these issues when the discussion is confidential, nonjudgmental, and not tied to legal consequences either, which is an often a big fear that such persons have.

2. Offer a good and a strong chance to really learn more about alcohol and drugs, to learn about how they interact with and affect mental illnesses and create them, and how they affect an individual’s behavior and priorities in life.  California Rehab should help recovering addicts to become involved with supported employment, support groups, aftercare organizations, and other services that may help their overall process of recovery.

3. Help the recovering addict to identity, work towards, and develop recovery goals. If an individual decides that their overall use of alcohol or drugs may be a problem, a counselor trained in integrated dual diagnosis treatment can help them to identify and develop their own recovery goals which they can begin to work on.  This process includes learning about steps toward recovery from all aspects of addiction, not just a few of them.

4. Rehabs provide special counseling specifically designed for people with multiple addictions, or for people with addiction and mental troubles. This can be done individually, with a group of an individual’s peers, with the individual’s family, or with a combination of the above too.

By accomplishing the above targets, addiction can be beaten.  This is what rehab can provide, and with these tools anyone can beat addiction once and for all.

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