Agoura Hills is a popular and somewhat exclusive city in Los Angeles County, in the state of California in the United States of America. Its population was estimated to be at 20,843 in 2014, according to the United States Census Bureau, up from 20,537 at the 2000 census.

Agoura Hills rests in a pleasant location in the eastern Conejo Valley between the Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains both. The city is on the border between the county of Los Angeles to the east, west and south and a little bit further away with Ventura County to the north. It is about 30 miles northwest of Downtown Los Angeles and less than 10 miles west of the Los Angeles City limits, (Woodland Hills). Agoura Hills and unincorporated Agoura sit next to Calabasas, Oak Park, and Westlake Village.  Agoura Hills is well set up in such a way that individuals are able to live there and still be within a relatively short commute to downtown LA.

Agoura Hills is a perfect example of an upper-middle class or an upper class California city.  It was built in this area because the area is quite aesthetic and it had a lot of potential for development.  Now, it acts as a perfect bedroom community and suburb of Los Angeles.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Sadly, it is now the middle class and upper-middle class cities and towns in and around the greater LA area that are experiencing the worst of the worst when it comes to finding drug and alcohol addiction.  What occurred here is that drug dealers and traffickers in the big cities began to see a drop in their sales amongst their regular customers thanks to the recession, so the truth becomes apparent.  The recession affected everyone, including addicts.  To address this, dealers and traffickers moved to other areas where they could make more money like upper-middle class suburbs outside of the big city.  This included cities like Agoura Hills, and the unfortunate truth is now substance abuse is very common in suburbia towns like this one.

For some general statistics on the matter:

• Drug and alcohol abuse is the number one leading cause of traffic fatalities in the United States and specifically in suburbs like Agoura Hills. The truth of this lies in the fact that those who abuse such substances almost always get behind the wheel while under the influence at one time or another. The effect is incredibly dramatic to say the least. The result is that more Americans die on the road at the hands of a drug or alcohol abuser than those who die at the hands of a violent crime.

• Substance abuse had really picked up a lot in the United States when it comes to the young adult population and prescription drugs in particular, especially in upper-middle class suburbia, like in Agoura Hills. Prescription drugs are the new marijuana, the new gateway drug. The problem here though is that prescription drugs are a lot more deadly and dangerous than most other substances are, and they are definitely on a completely different level than marijuana is. Young adults die from prescription drug abuse every day. Young adults very rarely die from marijuana abuse.

Rehabilitation Sought as a Solution

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has become a pretty serious problem in this state, as it has in just about all of the states in the nation to one degree or another.  Time and time again this problem has made a name for itself in the form of economic depravity, financial crisis, accidents, injuries, loss of life, family disruption, and incredibly taxing difficulties on all members of the community.  This is what drug and alcohol addiction is and this is the effect that these issues have had.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a pretty serious problem that has for some time been occurring in and across the nation.  Few cities have felt the effects of it as much as Agoura Hills has though.  Even though Agoura Hills is not a big town, that does not meant that this city has not felt the effects of drug and alcohol addiction in a very big way, because it most definitely has.  In times like these, those who live in and around Agoura Hills have been struggling trying to find the answers to this drug addiction crisis.

There is a way and a method to address addiction. It takes a considerable amount of work but it is most definitely a possible thing to do. Truthfully, the best way to address addiction is to rehabilitate everyone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  In this way, you are literally removing the threat and the problem right then and there.  This more than anything else is successful in handling a drug problem in any given area.

Now more than ever this is exactly what those who are addicted in Agoura Hills need to focus on. With proper rehabilitation in California, those who are addicted in Agoura Hills can not only get rehabilitated, but they can also rejoin their fellow residents in this town and really start making a difference in how they contribute. This couldn’t arrive at a better time either, as Agoura Hills is already struggling with various economic issues on top of its drug problem.

If inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation is firmly applied to every single addicted individual in Agoura Hills then the city will soar in success as a result.  Addiction is and has been for some time the number one problem in Agoura Hills and has been what is holding this small city back. If the addiction problem is addressed and eradicated then the city will bounce back and be successful once again.

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