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Sitting directly north of Fayetteville and directly below Bentonville, Springdale is sandwiched between two other major cities while also being the fourth-biggest in the state, too. This makes Springdale an important area – on one side it has the state’s biggest university, and on the other you have the headquarters of Wal-Mart (one of the biggest companies in the world.) It’s not a stretch to say that a lot goes on in this corner of the state.

Springdale has its own major industries, too. It’s the site from which Tyson Foods operates, a status that led to Springdale being called the “Poultry Capital of the World” by the state governor. Despite the presence of major industry, Springdale also deals with a major problem.

As is reported in local media, Springdale is one of many cities in Arkansas that has to figure out how to deal with criminals that are manufacturing and selling massive quantities of drugs. Springdale isn’t what you would call a massive metropolitan area, but police are still having to deal with criminal operations that are armed to the teeth and don’t care about the safety of the neighborhoods that they live in.

In order to truly make communities safe from the danger of these criminal groups, families and community members can help by cutting down the demand for drugs. When no one is trying to buy drugs from criminal cartels, there won’t be anyone supplying the money for felons to buy more guns and ammunition, not to mention to continue supplying poisonous drugs in our neighborhoods.

Getting Springdale Educated on Drugs

Parents have their work cut out for them in trying to educate their kids about drug use today. While TV shows and movies have been portraying drug use in a positive light for years (to the frustration of parents everywhere, now we have regular, supposedly non-fiction news media getting in on the distortion act.

Almost half of the states in the country have legalized marijuana to some degree, making it legal for either medical or recreational use. Laws making marijuana legal in many other states are planned for the next few years. News reports throughout the country have taken to reporting these developments with a shrug and a grin, repeating falsehoods about the drug without actually stopping to do their own research to see if it is true.

For example, two of the biggest myths about marijuana are that it is not addictive and that it can’t harm the body. Research has shown that you definitely can get addicted to marijuana, and it definitely does damage your brain and lower your IQ. The media doesn’t seem to like reporting these facts, however, because it is far too curious about all of the new edible products that marijuana is being mixed into.

Parents that do not want their kids to grow up to be druggies have to taken the education of their kids into their own hands. We can’t rely on the government or our schools or anyone else to teach our children the truth about drugs. If we want them to learn, we have to start by educating ourselves. From there, we can move on to teaching others.

In order to get the most up-to-date information on what drugs are being abused in Arkansas, here is a list of the biggest offenders:

  • Marijuana: Seeing as Springdale is just to the north of the University of Arkansas, it’s not surprising that the city would have trouble with marijuana. It’s the most popular drug across the state, just as it’s the most popular drug in much of the country. This doesn’t mean that any parent can afford to overlook it, though. Every family should be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of marijuana use in their loved ones. When it is caught early, it can be turned around before addiction sets in.
  • Stimulants: The category of stimulants includes one of the most dangerous drugs in America – methamphetamine. This toxic cocktail of ingredients like drain cleaner, battery acid and fuel oil starts to kill off parts of your body the very first time you take it. If you’re unlucky enough to actually get addicted to the stuff, you can look forward to losing your teeth and hair and constantly seeing hallucinations of bugs crawling around underneath your skin. It’s not a fate that anyone should have to go through.
  • Prescription Opiates: Arguably the most dangerous drugs in America today, opiates are painkillers prescribed by doctors for chronic pain. There is very strong evidence that these are the most over-prescribed drugs in the country. With millions of users, a large percentage become dependent on the drug and then start to abuse it to get its heroin-like high. These drugs are also very easy to overdose on and are responsible for more deaths than any other category of drug in America.
  • Cocaine: While usage of the drug has dropped off in many areas of the country over the past few decades, there are still lots of cocaine customers in Springdale and around the rest of Arkansas. It’s a powerful stimulant drug that is often used by college students, so it’s not surprising that the close proximity of the University of Arkansas has added to the high rate of consumption of this drug.

With this information, any family can start looking up each individual drug to learn as much as possible about it. You should find out what the drug looks like, how it is used and what physical and behavioral effects it could have on your loved ones. That way you’ll know what’s happening if your teenager (or even an adult friend) is getting caught up in drug use and needs help.

How to Find Addiction Help in Springdale

No parent wants to deal with the addiction of his or her child. Ideally, young people would never get started on using drugs in the first place. When it happens, however, parents need to know that the best solution is a residential rehab center. Other methods of rehab can help, but this type of rehab is more effective than any other at actually helping addicts overcome addiction and return to healthy, sober lives.

In the end, you need to evaluate every time of rehab center that is available to you. Do a wide search, and look for rehabs that have the following qualities:

  • Trained staff that genuinely care about your loved one.
  • The goal of helping your loved one get completely sober (not expecting relapses.)
  • Using all-natural methods of detoxifying the body (not using drug replacement therapy.)
  • Are residential programs that can give your loved one 24/7 care.
  • Don’t use the outdated “disease” theory of addiction that has no scientific basis.

You may need to search for rehabs that are further away from your home than you expected. There are many addicts in Springdale and around the state, and there aren’t always enough beds at the best rehab centers. If you have to look outside of the state, consider looking in Oklahoma or other areas that have rehab centers. When you find the perfect facility, it will be well worth the time you spent looking.

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