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Tucked up in the northeast corner of Arkansas, Jonesboro is a city that actually has a lot going on. It’s the fifth-biggest in the state, population-wise, and it is also the home of Arkansas State University. That means that tens of thousands of students call Jonesboro home for the majority of the year.

While these students bring a lot of diverse opinions and ideas to a bustling campus, they also carry a problem that many other college towns are dealing with. This is the explosion of drug use that is crippling entire generations of our young people.

Binge drinking has already been a problem for college faculties for decades, and a large portion of students say that they use marijuana occasionally, too. In addition to these problems that have been going on for years, there are new drugs making their way onto college campuses, and by extension, into the rest of Jonesboro as well.

In order to keep your children and the rest of your family safe from the criminals that sell drugs (and the dangers of drug use itself), you can’t wait on the government, the police department or anyone else to make your community safe for you. Having a safe community in Jonesboro starts out with individual members of the community deciding that they are not okay with the drug use that continues to spread like a plague through our neighborhoods.

In order to do something effective to change this trend, there is something that every family can easily do by themselves.

Drug Dangers in Jonesboro

The first step in making any community safe from drug use is getting everyone in that community educated. When young people are ignorant about the way that drugs really work, they are bound to listen to their friends, TV, and movies rather than accurate sources of information. Parents need to get to their children first with the accurate data.

Getting that information to the young people of Jonesboro can be tough, however, as many parents don’t even know accurate information on drugs. They will often simply go off of what they’ve heard without actually knowing much about the subject. Even worse, sometimes the parents have used drugs decades before and think that this means they know enough about modern drugs to have an informed viewpoint.

The truth is that the drugs of today are very different from the varieties that existed in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. For just one example, marijuana is now four times stronger than the varieties that were being grown just twenty years ago. Pot growers have put a lot of time, effort and expertise into turning marijuana into a much more powerful drug.

If parents based their educational attempts off of what weed used to be like, they might describe it as a somewhat mild drug. The truth today is that marijuana is a powerful drug that can get you addicted easily.

Other drugs might seem “safe,” such as prescription painkillers. This can lead to experimentation with the drugs when they are actually incredibly powerful and can cause fatal overdoses when abused. Parents need to know all of this before they can give a talk to their children that will actually be listened to.

In order to know what drugs to start studying, here are some of the most popular drugs used in Jonesboro and across the rest of the state.

  • Marijuana: It has been popular in Arkansas for decades, and its profile simply continues to grow. More people go into drug rehab treatment for marijuana dependence than any other drug, yet many users still try to pretend like it’s safe to use. Teach your children the truth. One scientific study found that 100% of the marijuana smokers studied had abnormalities in their brains, while non-smokers had none. Another study found that weed lowered your IQ significantly. These are serious results of using this drug, yet many advocates want to pretend like there is nothing wrong with getting high.
  • Stimulants: The most popular stimulant in rural areas near Jonesboro is meth. This powerful drug is created in homemade labs, but it still can have a devastating effect throughout the city. Meth is created from ingredients that are so toxic that they begin to severely damage your body from the first time you ever inhale that burning meth smoke. Your body will soon show the ravages of all the poison that you are putting into it if you smoke meth.
  • Prescription Opiates: Towns with college campuses (like Jonesboro) are particularly in danger due to the spread of opiates. In colleges across the country, students are deciding to use pills to do everything from getting an edge on a test to finding a new way to get high. Opiates are very similar to heroin in their chemical structure, and addicts found out long ago that they could be used in a similar manner. Even worse, these opiates can actually lead to an addict using heroin and opening himself up to all the dangers of intravenous drug use.
  • Cocaine: Cocaine was declining in usage rates for many years in America, and ideally it would have continued that trend right into nonexistence. Sadly, there has been an uptick in use for this powerful and expensive drug. If students knew how much it damaged their hearts, they might decide not to snort it after all.

Learning about these drugs starts the process of getting educated, but there is a lot more to learn. Find out about all of the drugs used in Arkansas (and not just the ones listed here.) When you become a drug expert, you can then be able to see the symptoms of drug abuse and head them off before they destroy the life of someone that you love.

Finding a Drug Rehab Facility in Jonesboro

Looking for a rehab center can be a distressing time in your life, but it’s the best solution if you know someone that is addicted to drugs. Residential rehab centers do the best job and helping rehabilitate addicts because the drug users actually have to live outside of the environments where they were using drugs. This change of environment and change of pace is excellent for getting addicts to reevaluate their lives and to focus on getting healthy.

You won’t know if a rehab center is just right for your loved one unless you research it, however. Make sure to ask lots of questions in order to convince yourself that you’ve found the facility that is right for you. You will know when you’ve found it because you’ll find caring staff that is committed to helping your family member or friend to get off drugs without just loading him up with replacement drugs.

Many centers will just try to give your loved one methadone in the place of heroin, for example, but this is a completely ineffective way of actually getting a person to stop wanting to use opiates altogether. Don’t settle for anything less than the goal of helping get people completely off drugs. If the rehab center can show you evidence of their success in doing so, that is even better.

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